MBSF 07082014

We had a very good lunch today before we started our Moms’ Bible Study Fellowship (MBSF). The yummilicious lunch was provided by Aunty Alice who offered to cook for us too, since she cooks for the Senior Adults Fellowship once a year. The moms in our group were blessed with the opportunity to taste her food today! Thank you so much Aunty Alice! We love love love your home-cooked food that was seasoned with lots of your love!

 Yummy lunch

After an overdose of lunch fare, Cheryl took Baby E for a twirling dance around the Fellowship Hall.

Baby E was so thrilled being able to dance with Cheryl! She totally enjoyed herself as Cheryl swirled round and round, in clockwise, followed by anti-clockwise directions, so that both of them don’t get too giddy from too much swiveling! 🙂

We adjourned to Judah room after a while, and Isaac started drawing on the whiteboard. That intrigued Baby E, who stood there watching intently on Isaac’s drawing. She looked like she was so involved in directing Isaac what to draw…

Here’s our little “Director” who was wondering if Isaac followed her instructions… If she could talk, she’d probably ask, “Mommy, is that really a whale?”… Lol!

Study Notes on Matthew 14:14-21

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

  • God always uses what we have, no matter how little we possess. Although God created the universe from nothing, he normally takes the ordinary things of our lives and transforms them for His glory. This brings to mind how God used Moses’ staff to accomplish all He had called Moses to do, using what had been merely a shepherd’s rod even to part the sea (Exodus 14:16), to rescue the Israelites from the Egyptians. Another incident in the bible was in 2 Kings 4, where Elisha multiplied the widow’s oil. God is very capable of multiplying every small thing we have to make it enough for us to bless others. In fact, He gives more than we ask! Look at the 12 baskets of leftovers! And in the widow’s incident, were there even more jars that she could find, God would have filled all of them.
  • We are never straitened in God, or in the riches of His grace; all our straitness is in ourselves. It is often our faith that fails, never His promise. God is faithful even when we are not! (2 Timothy 2:13)
  • Spiritual gifts increase when being used. God is very generous because He will not only multiply what little we have, it is in Him to give more than what we need such that there will be leftovers and balance! The leftovers are evidence of His lavish abundance and love for us. God is never stingy on us. He gives and gives and gives. God is not only a generous provider, He has unlimited resources!
  • Jesus’ disciples focused on the problem rather than on God. When we are confronted with a difficult situation, we need to remember “… nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37). Philip saw the task of feeding the masses with merely 5 loaves and 2 fishes as impossible because he approached it as if everything depended on his own work. Jesus’ approach was different → He bypassed all human effort and did the impossible! It’s “not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty” (Zechariah 4:6).
  • Our expectations of what God can do are often too small; providing food in the wilderness was technically impossible, but God had used Moses, Elijah and Elisha for feeding miracles!
  • Jesus is prudent, not wasteful, he took back the leftovers.
  • With God, everything is possible. Jesus is not intimidated by the magnitude of the problem. The disciples saw the size of the need and the littleness of the human resources available; Jesus saw the size of the need and the greatness of God’s resources available. 


  • The disciples seemed to have forgotten all the miracles they had seen Jesus performed before. In times of distress or crisis, do I tend to forget or remember how God helped me in the past? May I be mindful to count my blessings each day, and to recall those times when God intervened and helped me in times of trouble or uncertainties.
  • God will shatter the pint-sized expectations of what we can do if we would learn to bring Him what we have already been given. Little is much when God is in it. When we are willing to offer our lives sacrificially, relinquishing our hold on whatever God has given us in terms of time, money, talents, etc., God will use these ordinary things to create extraordinary things. Let us never believe that our resources are too little to serve God. God delights in taking a humble, seemingly insignificant person and using him or her for His glory (1 Corinthians 1:27).
  • May we bring our lives to God in a spirit of obedience and sacrifice, no matter how insignificant we may think our gifts or talents are (Romans 12:1). When doing so, let us be bold to expect God to do far beyond what we can imagine (Ephesians 3:20).
  • May we also be confident in trusting that God not only wants to meet the needs of His children, but He wants to lavish His children with spiritual blessings, even to overflowing (Psalm 23:5)!

Take home message for me: 

  • No matter how insignificant we may feel in our place of service, God is faithful to multiply the talents He has given to each of us, to touch the people He has placed in our paths, so that He may be glorified. Regardless where we are, we will be an empty vessel that is made useful in God’s hands. We will be a channel of blessings to many regardless where we are placed.
  • We are reminded that it is always a battle of self vs Christ. God has given us free will to choose, will we choose to honour ourselves or honour Him in trying circumstances.

When we finished the hour-long bible study, I went to check on Baby E, who was placed in another room together with Isaac and Baby Asher and their helper. I was again very pleased to see that Baby E was so comfortable with playing around them, she didn’t need me at all!

… until she noticed me standing and watching her from behind, and she immediately came crawling towards her mommy! whom she suddenly remembered and missed all the while when we were studying in the adjacent room. Awww… I carried her up and hugged her tightly because I missed her so much too!!!

Like what J puts it sometimes, I seem to be the one who exhibits separation anxiety more than Baby E. Uh-hum… that may very well be true!

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