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Babyroo cover

KindyROO from Australia has just opened a franchise centre in Singapore. This educational centre provides active and developmentally-appropriate movement opportunities coupled with sensory experiences that enable babies, toddlers, and pre-school children to explore, develop, practice and refine skills essential for healthy neurological development. The structured program is based on 30 years of research and development and is designed to ensure children develop the essential foundations to reach their highest learning potential through movement, fun and play!

KindyROO not only aims to help children gain confidence and become proficient in their learning abilities as they grow, this learning centre also creates awareness amongst the parents on the importance of early childhood development to the health, behaviour and learning in their little ones.

We took the opportunity to try out their BabyROO class, meant for babies who have not started walking. Cheryl and Baby Asher came along to join us in the free trial this time!

Baby E and Baby A had so much fun during the 10 min free play period! crawling around and immersing themselves into the colourful environment.


After the free play in the activity room, we were called to the “classroom” to learn about vestibular stimulation for our babies. We learnt how to massage our babies in long strokes, how a felt fabric feels on the skin of our babies, crossing the midline with their hands and bending over, swaying our babies and loving how they enjoy it, etc…

Then we were brought back to the activity room to explore different obstacle courses, and allowing our babies to attempt playing with them. One of the first thing Baby E tackled was crawling up the slide in a rapid speed! Well, she has had lots of practice with this skill whenever J brings her to the playground.

The next obstacle Baby E was excellent at was speed-crawling through the long tunnel! She did it so well, everyone in KindyROO were amazed and clapped for her! We are so proud of her!

Then she crawled into the rainbow ladder and grabbed onto the nearest hula hoop, got stuck there for a while, and started looking for me to rescue her from the predicament. Hee!

I had so much fun just watching her! Baby E was able to engage herself in active play, while moving about confidently…

Resting on the balance beam

Resting on the balance beam

… that is, until she decided to rest for a breather on the balance beam, in her most elegant position…? Hee

Puzzle corner

Finally, she found her way to the quiet corner, trying her hands on some wooden puzzles…

Shaker balls

We were then called back to the classroom for some activities that included tracing symbols followed by flashing the word that represents it; dancing to the washing machine song; bouncing a balloon by flapping the gigantic rainbow parachute; and ending the class by winding down to a tick-tock clock song with our babies holding shaker balls in their hands to encourage them to shake to the rhythm! It was so fun!

Baby E and Mia caught the balloon

If you are interested in stimulating your babies who are at least 6 months old, or if you have older children who are 6 years old and below, why not bring them to try out KindyROO’s classes that are appropriate for their ages and stages? Call them to find out about their class schedules and book a free trial now! Quote my name “Rebecca” when you turn up for your 1st free trial to earn a 2nd trial class for free! So hurry before the free trial classes end on 31 August 2014. You may also find more information on their website ( or local Facebook page (KindyROO Singapore).

KindyROO Singapore is located at the following address:
460 Alexandra Road #02-25
Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC)
Singapore 119963

Tel: Call 6274 7827 or SMS to 8685 3527 to book your 1st free trial!


Baby E had such a great time after the 1-hr class, she fell asleep during our drive home…

Knocked out

You may read about our 2nd trial experience here:

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3 Responses to KindyROO Free Trial

  1. Carol says:

    Very good set up. Looks great. Happy that baby E and baby A have so much fun!!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. rachelchan31 says:

    Her pics never fail to light up my day!! Hugs!

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