Potato Head Folk – Three Buns

How time flies! It’s already close to 6 weeks since Shen has been with us! Very soon, our dear brother will be returning to New Zealand. During this time, Baby E sure had a great time knowing her 叔叔 Uncle Shen!

S with Baby E

Both J and S had been so busy these past 5 weeks, we didn’t really have time to go check out new dining places together, until S suggested we treat ourselves to some gourmet burgers from Potato Head Folk situated along the hipster and already very exciting Keong Saik Road.

We arrived at the iconic preserved historical building of the former Tong Ah Eating House where Potato Head Folk is housed since its recent opening in June 2014. Consisting of 4 levels with different concepts, the 1st level is likened to a burger bar where the open kitchen of its Three Buns restaurant is set in the centre of the iconic triangular-shaped shophouse. Crowded as it is on a weekend night, its chic veranda seating were full to the brim, and we could see the long queue of hungry enthusiasts who were waiting to enter their upper levels.

Different from its 1st level which has a casual vibe (with its modern ceiling fans helping to bring the temperatures down since level one is not air-conditioned) where patrons order their food and help themselves from the counter, the 2nd level, called Three Buns Dining Kitchen, is a whimsical yet elegant dining room where hand painted murals adorn the walls, with interesting sculptures and curated art pieces occupying the staircase lobbies. The 2nd level is also where the Three Buns menu finds table service as guests dine seated on eclectic vintage furniture. Typical of most novel restaurants in Singapore, it came as no surprise when we were told the waiting time was an hour for a dinner table at its 2nd level on a Friday evening. However, seeing Baby E in my arms, they very kindly offered us a table straightaway! Zero waiting time!!

Upon receiving such a warm welcome, we got a seat instantly, and minutes later, one of the wait-staff offered Baby E a plate of raspberries with slices of strawberries coated in honey and brown sugar! 2 Thumbs up for Potato Head Folk! We didn’t wait long to ask for their signature burgers – Rambo for J, Four Floors for S, and Baby Huey for me! We didn’t manage to take good photos of our food, because we were famished, and in a hurry to chomp down our finger-licking saucy burgers and wings!

With a baby in tow, neither will we be able to patronise its 3rd level that houses an intimate lounge bar called Studio 1939, nor their rooftop garden where tiki cocktails and barbecue foods are served. Even though The Rooftop boasts of a possibly stunning view that is a beautiful marriage of heritage shop house rooftops and modern skyscrapers, I didn’t want to risk Baby E’s health by entering into a tobacco smoke-filled area. Nonetheless, we will probably return to Potato Head Folk for its decadent burgers, perhaps in the daytime.

JRE @ Potato Head Folk

Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143

Opening hours:

  • Three Buns Kitchen (Levels 1 and 2) – 11 am to Midnight.
  • Studio 1939 and The Rooftop (Levels 3 and 4) – 5 pm to Midnight.

*Please note that only Studio 1939 at Level 3 accepts reservation. Three Buns Kitchen at Levels 1 and 2, and The Rooftop at Level 4 accept walk-ins only. 

The above images are a collection of pictures from the web, showcasing the colourful interiors and iconic facade of Potato Head Folk, in bright daylight.

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