New Milestone – First Steps

When we came back from dinner today, the minute we stepped into our home, I told Baby E, “Ellie, mommy loves to see you crawling around, there is no hurry for you to begin walking anytime soon, because you will be walking for the next 80 years of your life…” The 2 brothers laughed out loud and agreed upon hearing it. Moments later, Baby E took her first steps while we were playing with her – 3 little steps as she teetered towards me!

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This is such a special day! The monumental day our precious baby took her very first steps – her strides of confidence with a laudable keen sense of balance! This is the very day we witnessed together as parents, beaming with pride and overflowing with emotions as we looked upon our little one, trying her best to gain control of her two wobbly lower limbs, learning how to use them to help her tread the paths that God has set forth before her! This is the day she begins transitioning from a baby to a toddler – spreading her proverbial baby wings and soar (or at least teeter-totter-stomp) into the wild blue yonder of toddlerhood, leaving her days of dependent babyhood far far behind.

I am just overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness that my LORD allows me to be the first to witness Baby E’s first feeble steps in their infancy. How easy it is to miss these early moments of her very first steps of faith, tottering towards me, knowing innately that I will catch her when she falls, with eyes locked fast on my beaming face as she shimmied in my direction!

How precious to me are Your thoughts O’ Lord! How vast is the sum of them? Thank You for Your grace and favor upon our family. May Your Name be blessed always and forever. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, I pray and thank You from the bottom of my heart. Amen!

Baby E is 11 months +10 days old today.

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