KindyROO 2nd Trial

We were back to KindyROO for our 2nd free trial of its BabyROO class for Baby E!

BabyROO 2nd trial

We were excited to notice Baby E’s bib laid out amongst others on the bench when we were preparing for the class.

Bibs for BabyROO students

When we entered the classroom, besides the swinging car seat, they have added a swinging platform this week. Baby E was exhilarated as she pushed and pulled it at will, and enjoyed laying down on it as I rocked her to and fro…

Hanging platform

First 10 min is reserved for free play in the activity room, and we were thrilled to behold a completely new layout set up this week! With horizontal and vertical ladders sprawled across the area, the entire playground was transformed!

The layout of this week’s obstacles proved to be challenging for babies who are still crawling, but that did not deter Baby E. She was more than determined to attempt a raised horizontal ladder with the help of her teacher, who patiently taught Baby E by tactile feedback method, which allowed Baby E to remember how to use her hands, knees and feet to conquer the next rung of the ladder.

Next, we moved to the cruising bars beneath the ladder, for Baby E to gain confidence for her future walking. All the while, she had her eyes fixed on the bucket of shaker balls hung at the end, it took no time for her to reach it, where she helped herself to one of the balls inside the tempting pail.

I had her crawl on a stacked ladder by placing her at the base of the steps, and immediately off she went climbing up the steps on all fours!

… till she reached the top where 2 shaker balls were her only incentives for her accomplishment. Hahaha!


After the 10 mins of free play, we were called into the learning room where we followed the teachers’ guidance on baby massage techniques, we sang songs as we cuddled our babies, and helped our babies learn this week’s keyword – Pig!

Then we returned to the activity room for further structured play. There, Baby E chose to continue cruising about instead of crawling on the ground. Hang on tight baby!

The last part of the session includes jiggling the maraca shakers to the rhythm of a catchy tune…


… followed by parachute time, of which this week, we had 3 balloons floating underneath the gigantic spectrum of colours…

Parachute time

… and we get to keep the balloons at the end of the class!

Baby E with her balloons to keep!

We thoroughly enjoyed our 2nd trial session! Looking forward to returning again soon!

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