Playdate after KindyROO

Last Friday after our KindyROO 2nd trial class (you may read about it here:, we met up with Cheryl and her 3.5 yo Isaac! We had a wonderful time together, browsing books at a book fair held in the atrium of Alexandra Retail Centre as well as its Junior Page store.

Isaac was so happy and engrossed in choosing his books and had us explore the contents together with him… As for Baby E, she was very gladly busy removing books from their shelves and leafing through the pages, perhaps searching for an interesting read by herself…? Hee!

After we spent some quality time sifting through the heaps and towers of children’s books for the ones that are appropriate for both Isaac and Baby E, we paid for them at a fraction of the original price! Then Isaac requested to sit on the kiddy rides. He took immediate control of the Fire Dept helicopter, while Baby E was exhilarated with the plane ride she got hold on. I was rather amazed at how energetic she was, even after the 1 hr BabyROO trial class.

Baby E joined Isaac as a recruit in his Fire Dept, and needed help as the helicopter could not fly… That was her asking Isaac to please check the engine, and Isaac sweetly obliged and instantly turned from being the captain to a mechanic engineer… Hahaha… That really amused both Cheryl and myself – the fact that we all love play-pretend with our children…

Baby E had so much fun with the plane rides, she literally didn’t want any other children to go near it. That was her defending her troops!

Then Isaac came along and asked her to evacuate the plane because one of the wings caught fire. Hahahha! That boy sure had lots of creativity! So Baby E got herself onto another plane that Isaac assigned to her, saying that it is the only plane for girls! To that, I really took my hat off to him for being such a wonderful playdate!

We adjourned for lunch at The Green Bar when the lunch crowd was more or less dismissed. This time, I ordered their signature Smoked Duck Surprise, while Cheryl had a go for their Cous Cous Salad. We took our time to enjoy every morsel of wholesome goodness. Nonetheless, both of us preferred our previous order of Caesar Salad with add-on Roasted Chicken. The Smoked Duck Surprise was doused with too much balsamic vinegar (good for those who love it), it tasted too acidic for me, though the smoked duck was really flavourful. For Cheryl, the Cous Cous Salad was a tad too bland, though she didn’t mind this healthier version compared to the Caesar Salad.


After 5 hours of being out and about, Baby E knocked out in her car seat on our way home. Last I heard, Isaac too!

Feeling blessed!! Praise the Lord for great friends for both mommy and baby! God is very good!

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