Pranav’s and Sahithi’s Birthday Party

Last Saturday after we dropped Shen off at the Departure Hall of Terminal 2, Changi Airport, Singapore, we drove all the way towards the northern part of Singapore to attend a combined birthday party.

The birthday party was organized by J’s colleague, Aravind, for his 10 yo son Pranav, and his 4 yo daughter Sahithi. At the party, there was a young man who was engaged to be a balloon sculptor for the first half of the party. He made swords and guns for the boys, flower bracelets and teddy bears for the girls. As you may have expected it, the children were overfilled with excitement and joy as they went about admiring their new possessions made entirely out of balloons, especially the rowdy boys who were running around attacking and defending each other with their colourful bubbly-looking weapons!

Balloon magician

For the second half of the party, the balloon sculptor was transformed into a magician! With his amusing magic tricks, he successfully captivated the attention of not just the children, but all the adults present at the party as well!

Cute party hat

And here’s our baby at the party, looking irresistibly adorable wearing the party hat and her new blouse from 嬷嬷 & 爷爷 that says, “Papa makes me smile”.

For us adults, rich delish Indian food was packed into our tummies, satisfying our appetites for a great dinner on a Saturday night. Although she is the youngest there, Baby E enjoyed the party as much as we did! This timely party gave us a good perspective of her upcoming birthday party.

Can’t wait!!! Excited!!

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