Playdate with Miss S

S and Baby E

Playdate with Miss S?! I’ll say YES to that of course! It’s always delightful to have guests over at our place, even more so if they are sprightly, cheerful little tots who enjoy the company of Baby E and her stash of toys and books!

S chuckles at a joke

This was Miss S chuckling over a joke we cracked, haha! this girl sure has a good sense of humor. 😉

S loves pinky elephant too

Running up and down the adjoining living and dining rooms, exploring Baby E’s musical learning walker, retrieving colorful balls from pinky elephant’s trunk and tummy, Miss S was such a charmer as we watched her entertained herself, while also engaging Baby E at the same time.

Can you play ball with me?

Baby E was still napping when Rachel and Miss S came over. A light sleeper she is, it did not take long for her to hear our gleeful voices in the living room, causing her to arouse from her sweet afternoon nap prematurely. Due to the lack of restful sleep, Baby E held back her sweet smiles till the later half of the playdate session.

Nonetheless, there were no squabbles, or scuffles over toys, albeit Miss S did suffer from a couple of falls onto the hard slippery marble flooring. Poor girl! But she recovered quickly from the shock. Thank God!

Rachel and Baby E

This was beautiful Rachel and my little one – Baby E!

Playdates are fun!

And here’s Rachel’s princess Miss S, giggling about some comments we made. Such a cheery girl!

Besides sharing her toys and books, playing peekaboo and passing balls… Baby E had great fun with Miss S today! Most importantly, it is the nurturing and building of positive pint-sized friendships for both mummies and babies that really counts!

Twelve cupcakes for us!

Oh! And have I mentioned? Moist and tasty cupcakes, in all our favorite flavors, sitting in their fabulously pink fuchsia box. Thanks much for these wonderful little tea-time treats!

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