Preparations for Baby E’s Birthday

About 1 year ago, I gave birth to a very adorable baby girl in Foothills Hospital, Calgary, AB, Canada. How time flies! My baby girl is turning one tomorrow! As early as 2 months ago, I had been secretly planning for her very 1st birthday party. A significant milestone for her.

Baby E's birthday invitation

It didn’t take long for me to decide on a theme for her birthday party – It just has to be RAINBOW-themed! simply because Baby E has added an infinite spectrum of colours into our lives! Having her is life-changing. And how better to celebrate this with bright and fun colors!

Water bottle labels

I wanted Baby E’s birthday party to be as colorful as it can be. So one thing led to another – from a rainbow-colored invitation card to rainbow-colored water bottle labels…

Water bottles for the party

I bought 2 cartons of distilled water, ripped its original label, then pasted the personalized rainbow labels over them.

Cookie bag toppers

Also had 20 cookie bag toppers done, with a rainbow on one side, and Baby E’s name with a number 1 on the other side – toppers in rainbow colors of course!

Bible verses for cookie bags

Then I made bible verses with an accompanying adorable animal clipart beside it, to be placed into the cookie bags. There were 20 of them, each with a different animal clipart!

And I baked almost 300 soft chewy chocolate cookies altogether and divided them into each of the transparent cellophane cookie bags!

20 bags of cookies

Also had the “Happy Birthday” flags printed and cut so that J could help to paste them onto the wall in the clubhouse to create the perfect backdrop for great photos!

Happy Birthday flags

Like I mentioned, one idea led to another, so it didn’t stop there… We attended a birthday party 1 week ago (read it here:…birthday-party/) and adopted their spirit of giving. That set us off on a hunt for suitable thank you gifts for all the 21 children who will be attending Elizabeth’s birthday party.

We categorized the 21 children into 3 age groups to help us with buying age-appropriate gifts for each one of them. I took time to wrap them up in the middle of the night in Baby E’s empty room as she sleeps soundly on my bed in the master bedroom.

Thank you tags for gifts

Then I was prompted to create personalized Thank You gift tags for each of the lovely children who are coming tomorrow! So again, I set myself to work on it, printed them, and pasted them on the gifts!

I ordered the balloons from Creative Balloons last week, and will have them deliver 30 helium-filled balloons in metallic red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple colours tomorrow, before the party commences. I have had Thank You tags made earlier, and they will be tied onto each of the balloons (pictures shown above were taken on actual day of party!)

Last but not least, the birthday cake! You may have read about me trial baking her figure 1 birthday cake sometime in August (read it here:…-birthday-cake/‎) That will be the stress and worry for tomorrow… Tonight, I shall rest my head and have a good night’s rest! The appearance of the 2-layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and multi-colored chocolate candies atop will be revealed tomorrow (i.e. if I succeed in baking it and putting it all together)!!

I had approximately 2 months to toil over these preparations, burning the midnight oil to get things designed, created, printed, cut out, laminated… lots of craft work that I enjoy doing since young. And these were made very much more enjoyable because I was doing it for my baby girl for her ONEderful birthday party! Not out of an ambitious heart, but solely and wholeheartedly out of pure L.O.V.E. for her.

As I embarked on this journey of organizing this birthday party, I had the support of my endearing husband, who went with me to get the bulky toys, chose the wrapping papers, printed and laminated the bible verses; and my father who accompanied me and Baby E to get white balloons to create clouds for the rainbow balloon sculpture, of which he also helped pumped air and created the sculpture, printed Thank You gift tags for the presents, provided me with craft supplies, just like how he used to when I was young… Dad also went with me to buy her birthday dress and shoes!

Baby E's birthday dress and shoes

Most importantly, I had Baby E who was there with me all the way. She is the inspiration for all these work. She was more involved than anyone else in the preparations for her birthday party. There was no complaining, no crying, just megawatt smiles from her! I had the pleasure of working alongside this sweet little baby girl of mine, and it was pure enjoyment.

This meaningful love-filled journey for Baby E led me closer to God as I grew to learn how much more He loves each and every one of us. So much more that it is beyond my understanding, I could not grasp the depth of His love for us. But one thing I am certain – that His love is everlasting and never fails. Baby E is a gift from God, a very precious gift whom we treasure so much. How much more does God treasure and cherish each of us then? Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.” (Psalm 139:6 NIV)

May The Lord of my life so bless my daughter, Elizabeth Oh with His encompassing grace and love, filling her life with endless joy and peace, that she will not fail to seek You and grow in wisdom and favor in You. May she remains to be the apple of Your eye always. This I pray from the bottom of my heart, in the holy and precious name of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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10 Responses to Preparations for Baby E’s Birthday

  1. carol yoke Teng says:

    Rebecca, you are absolutely Creative. I enjoy reading your post very much:)) Baby E indeed have had a ONEderful Blessed birthday celebration. It is all about L.O.V.E. In Action.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Irene Marx says:

    Oh wow, I am really impressed. Yes, you are very creative indeed, all the little details are just amazing! So sweet and beautiful. I love all the little labels and clippers.

  3. What amazing talent and dedication gone into all this. LOVE it!! Wish we were there but so glad to be able to read about it.

    • cykrebecca says:

      Thank you Mei Tsin for your very kind and encouraging words! We too wished JMIDM were here with us to enjoy the process and the party together! Can’t wait for December to arrive sooner, so that we can meet again! 😉

  4. Koreena says:

    Hi. I love the invites for your daughters birthday. I am also celebrating my daughters first birthday in 2 months. Where did you find the invites from? They would be perfect for Allyenna’s birthday

  5. skyline says:

    hi rebecca….on wat paper did u print out the bottle stickers

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hello Skyline! Thank you very much for dropping by JREmembrance! I printed the bottle labels on sticker paper (3 labels per page), which I then cut out each label and peeled off to stick onto the bottles.

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