Baby E’s ONEderful Birthday Party


The birthday girl

Who’s that pretty little girl?

It was already 4:30 pm, I was still putting the cake together. The balloons have arrived, J and my father had already tied the Thank You tags to the balloons. The caterer lost its way and would be here soon… I quickly helped Baby E to put on her birthday dress and shoes so that J could bring her down to meet some of our early guests…

Still putting on the candies

Then I continued to work on the 2-layer red velvet cake frosted with cream cheese in between and all over, before dotting on hundreds of chocolate candies in diagonal rows of rainbow colors.

Cake in the making

And did I mention earlier? I ran out of M&Ms and had J ran to the nearest Fairprice in Shaw Centre at 4:00 pm to get 3 packets of it, so that I could complete the cake! I don’t know how we could have managed → time was not on our side, Baby E needed her nap, cake was not finished, kitchen was in a mess, cream cheese frosting spurt-stains on the microwave oven, gas stove and table top, guests wanted to arrive early, etc… Seriously, it was by God’s grace that we pulled everything together.

Baby E's birthday cake

Somehow, I managed to complete the cake, changed into a S$10 sundress I bought at a wet market in 2012, and went down to meet and greet our invited guests.

It was a pity we didn’t manage to capture pictures of all our guests that day, but we did snapped a few precious ones.

With Rachel and her 2 girls

J was busy mingling with his friends as well, but we managed to take one shot of him and the birthday girl!

J with Baby E

More guests arrived, along with loads of birthday presents for Baby E!

At 5:30 pm, the food finally got set up by the caterer, and guests started having their dinner buffet. While some ate heartily, others were seen busy feeding their children.

With Vivien and Kayla

Some parents were playing water with their children at the wading pool, others were contented to stay within the Clubhouse, which is surrounded by colorful decorations.

Because of the number of children and babies present at the party tonight, and as we know now, evening time is grouchy time… We didn’t wait long to cut the cake!

Thankfully, we have friends who forwarded us precious pictures that we couldn’t have possibly taken in the midst of the chaos…

The party ended at 7:30 pm, after all the Thank You gifts were given to all the 21 children who attended Baby E’s birthday party. It was short and sweet! Baby E was so patient, even though she was tired and hungry, she didn’t fuss at all… She merely waited quietly in my arms, and went along posing with all the picture taking.

Optom gang

Her sweet demeanor was lovable. Blessed 1st Birthday my dearest!

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3 Responses to Baby E’s ONEderful Birthday Party

  1. Vernice says:

    You are such a wonderful mummy! Good job! Thanks for invite n your thank you gift! Is a pity we didn’t get to enjoy the birthday cake !

  2. Carol says:

    Elizabeth looks so pretty in her birthday dress, matching pink shoes and hair-do:-) What a joyful party because of such loving parents.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. what a wonderful and memorable 1st birthday Elizabeth. Truly blessed.

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