Post-Party Bliss

With the loving help of my parents and best friend, we cleared up the dreaded dross that followed a party – splatters of cake and food on the floor, spilled fruit punch on the table and couch, used serviettes littered here and there… and tidied up the Clubhouse, stacked up the chairs, had the tables rearranged back to their original places…

While J and my parents were busy clearing up, my best friend Wanling and her beautiful daughter Vionn accompanied me and Baby E up to our house to shower the birthday girl and changed her into her pyjamas.

We also packed some of the leftover food while we waited for the caterer to arrive, removed all the decorations… made a few trips up and down, and to and fro our house and the Clubhouse, leaving Baby E in the good and caring hands of Wanling.

Parents resting

Baby E had a great time with Vionn as they browsed through some of the presents laid on the floor.

Then J came back after he locked up the Clubhouse and returned the keys to the Guard House, saw the house was filled with presents sprawled across our living room and dining room…

With a big smile on his face, J sat down and unwrapped more presents together with the birthday girl.

More pressies to unwrap

Then we took photos of the mess…

And just have to say… We felt so blessed in the mess…

Blessed in the mess

My parents, together with Wanling and Vionn left shortly after, while we joyfully brought everything into Baby E’s room. No longer vacant, it is now filled with her birthday presents!

Baby E was making lots of happy cooing sounds tonight. It was our first time seeing and hearing her expressing her joy in such a magnitude. We are truly blessed! Praise The Lord!

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  1. Carol says:

    Thank God for every blessing…

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