Walk-along Puppy

Walk-along puppy

Baby E received a Hape’s Walk-A-Long Puppy as one of her many birthday presents. Whenever she sees me pulling the wooden puppy as I walked, she would imitate me, but instead of pulling it along, she tends to walk with the puppy being held up hanging in the air, because she had lifted the puppy too high… 😉

Walk-Along Puppy

That was her being cheeky as she posed for me, while also resting for a moment from her staggering moves. Hee!

We find this toy wonderful in encouraging her to walk, and also improves her fine motor skills by promoting dexterity, hand/eye coordination, and manipulations. I use it to encourage and stimulate her imagination and creativity too by incorporating imitative and imaginary play, fantasy story telling, and role playing.

We are very thankful to receive this great toy puppy from Iris and Shu Jin, and their 1 yo daughter Faith!

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