Hokey Pokey Fun

Hokey Pokey cover

We have been looking forward to meeting Cheryl and her two boys, finally we get to meet up again, this time at Hokey Pokey! Cheryl told me at Baby E’s birthday party last Sunday that the school holiday is on this week (if I didn’t already know), and so we planned to meet up for a playdate!

Baby E at the Giant Ball Pit

Hokey Pokey is an educational and fun “dream haven” where parents can bring their tots (as young as 6 months old to 6 yo) to for a rolling good time! Conceived and created by 5 moms who yearned for a “dream place” where their children can play safely, explore freely and develop their sensory/fine motor skills in the midst of having fun, Hokey Pokey became a reality in 2012!

Babies E and A on a wagon

We were thrilled to see the number of toys and stimulating fun instruments present in Hokey Pokey. There is an area where various mobile vehicles were parked – motorcycles, wagon, cars, learning walkers, etc. There is an area where setup kitchens along with all their make-believe paraphernalia can be found – naturally, it became a corner for young girls who aspire to be like their moms, cooking, baking or grilling in the kitchen.

Fire helmet

Imagine an indoor playground with ALL the toys that ALL toddlers love, sprawled across the entire area, yet rather neatly packed into various sections. And not only that, there were different areas that are set up with fun, stimulating imaginative equipment for crawlers and toddlers alike to indulge in creative play! I saw how children easily broke the ice amongst each other, and happily played together, while sharing their imagination and creativity. It was fun merely watching the older kids play pretend.

Baby Asher and Baby E

The indoor playground at Hokey Pokey is truly dedicated to the younger toddlers (6 months to 6 years old), there are no multi-level climbing structures or the adrenaline-inducing flying fox apparatus in sight. Hence, there were no rowdy and noisy children around. I felt safe letting Baby E explore the playground freely, while keeping a watchful eye on her.

That was Baby E crawling through the tunnel all by herself, emerging from a foam platform eventually.

Hugging Peppa Pig

There are also many brand new stuffies, the children must be spoilt for choice! For Baby E, she was infatuated with Peppa Pig that she dragged it into a circular pit to have some time alone with it…

Bubble time

Then came Bubble Time! which had all the parents carrying their tots and rushing towards the bubble machine, while exclaiming “Bubbles! Bubbles!” Never would I have expected Baby E to utter “bubbles” as her first words! she was clearly entranced by the hundreds of floating bubbles while she dances (ok.. more like bounces) along with the accompanying music.

Bubble Time

It was such a heart-melting moment to see all the young children so happily mesmerized by the bubbles, all the while grinning ear to ear as they looked upon the bubbles of various sizes, and trying to catch them or pop them! I felt so blessed!

In the wagon

We unknowingly spent 4 hrs in Hokey Pokey! Baby E enjoyed herself so much she didn’t even mind foregoing her afternoon nap! She was too busy exploring the entire playground, probing into corners and trying to socialize with other toddlers.

Giant slide

That was Isaac, Baby Asher and Baby E who triumphantly came down the giant foam slide and “bathing” themselves in the giant pit filled with colorful balls.

Babies E and A

Will we return again despite the rather high admission fees? If our babies could speak, they would have unanimously said “YES”!

Hokey Pokey

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, #02-42/43/44/45, Singapore 039596

Website: https://www.hokeypokey.com.sg

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