Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Entrance to Jacob Ballas Children Garden

From the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, we send our greetings of love and peace to all of you! We love weekends, because this is when we get to spend precious uninterrupted time with J. Today, he woke us up early to go for our weekend morning run →  at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Waterfall at Jacob Ballas

We were the firsts to arrive at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden! There was no one else, we were the only ones walking through the garden for our warmup, as we enjoyed the cool breeze that kissed our faces and the chirpy tweets that serenaded our keen ears for them. What a blessed morning!


A genus of water-lilies, in the plant family Nymphaeaceae, Victoria (named in honour of Queen Victoria of UK) has a very large lily pad, with a circular green leaf that can grow up to 3 m (9.8 ft) in diameter, on a stalk of 8 m (22.9-26.2 ft) in length. With a lily pad this large, coupled with an intricate meshwork structure at the underside of the gigantic leaf, Victoria is known to be able to support a weight of up to 30 kg, if the weight is evenly distributed across the lily pad. How amazing is that?! Alright, I admit I did contemplate placing Baby E onto the lily pad… Hee!

Frangipani tunnel

We walked through a tunnel made of Frangipani trees. With its gnarled branches and distinctive scented flowers, these relatively small trees form an interesting passage through which we strolled under, as we drew in the sweet fragrance of the frangipani flowers.

Floating Platform

Then we came to the floating platform and beheld a variety of plants surrounding it. In the distance, we could already see the giant treehouse playground…

Treehouse Playground

… but before that, we couldn’t resist taking a picture of Baby E resting within the Shelter of Mushrooms…

Mushroom shelter

… as we wound through the paths to reach the playground…

Winding paths

The hollow tree seated on top of a tiny hill seemed a little lonely this morning. Perhaps when Baby E is older, we will return to let her run up the hill and explore the tree within.

Hollow Tree

We also explored the Sensory Garden within the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden before we went on with our regular morning run around the main Botanic Gardens.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre

After circling around the Amphitheatre, we came by the Nassim Gate Visitor Centre. Seeing that Casa Verde was packed with diners, we decided to have breakfast somewhere else where we could enjoy the quiet morning without the noise and hype of the crowd.

Casa Verde

Jogging back to our car, we just have to take one last picture showing how these tall trees tower over Baby E as she sat with one leg propped up in her pram, clearly relaxed and unperturbed by them. Interesting contrast there.

Tall trees

We ran back to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden where we parked our car. When we were about to leave, Baby E pointed at the Singa Courtesy Lion, so we brought her to it… She hugged it and didn’t want to leave! How adorable??!!

We hope everyone have a wonderful weekend and a most blessed week ahead!

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