Little Ones Club

Little ones club

We were bewildered to find the crèche so void of children this morning. Where did all the children go? Iris came in the crèche to pick up something from her bag, saw us and asked if we would like to join them at The Little Ones Club. That name instantly sparked our curiosity, we immediately said yes! and followed Iris to the Chapel at Level 3.

We sat down and started singing “My God is so Big” followed by “With Christ in the Vessel” together with all their actions. Baby E simply sat there absorbing all the stimulation she was getting out of the singing and acting.

Offering time

We sang 2 more songs “Jesus Loves Me” and “He’s The Lord of the Sunshine” before offering time and prayer. That was Baby fervently protecting the offering jar after all the children offered their tithes.

Sink or Float

When it was time to play “Sink or Float”, a tray filled with water was brought out and that intrigued all the children, including Baby E. From a mystery bag, out came different items, one at a time, which Rachel asked the children to shout “sink” or “float”, depending on the item, before she placed it into the water.

Sink or float

The items included a lemon, rubber band, plastic cup, pencil, coin, etc. That was Baby E inching towards Rachel to get a closer look as she learned about the density and buoyancy properties of objects according to their observable characteristics.


The last activity of the Little Ones Club is Bible Story time with role playing! Today’s Bible story is taken from Matthew 8:23-27 where Jesus calms the storm.


A blue blanket and a cardboard box set the scene, representing the boat on the tempest sea. When asked for volunteers to get into the boat, almost all the children put up their hands. Kayla and Caleb were chosen eventually, and they acted out the scenario as prompted by Rachel.

Volunteer time

When the role play was over, the rest of the children were given opportunities to board the “boat” to experience the storm, which was made furious by the waving blanket (aka the boisterous waves) and the spritz of water droplets (aka heavy rain). That was Baby E and Jeremy in the boat.

Heavy rain

Caleb was so enthusiastic in spritzing the rain that Baby E needed shelter.

Faith and Baby E

Baby E didn’t want to alight the boat and continued to sail on with a new comrade – Baby Faith, even though the boat was already wet by then, and Caleb was still frantically providing rain for the make-believe storm.

Prayer time

Before the babies got too wet, the teachers ended the story time and everyone bowed their heads and closed their eyes to pray… except Baby E who was looking at teacher Rachel attentively, while still holding tight onto the boat. Perhaps she was learning how to pray, asking for courage to brave any storm in life that may come our way, and for confidence in Christ Jesus, who will help us overcome the trying circumstances and keep us safe.

God bless the Little Ones Club!

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