3rd Wedding Anniversary Staycation – Maritime Experiential Museum

The year after we got hitched, we returned to the Amara Sanctuary Resort in Sentosa where we held our wedding dinner banquet, to reminisce the romantic and peaceful night we had that eventful day. Since then, we planned to have a staycation there every year on our wedding anniversary, except that our 2nd wedding anniversary was celebrated in Calgary, Canada, shortly after Baby E was born in Foothills Hospital. Hence, this year, without much consideration, we booked a night’s stay at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa.

JE at SEA Aquarium

Haha! That was Baby E yawning away as we were about to explore the Maritime Experiential Museum.

Giant Merchant Ship

Upon entry, we were greeted by the Jewel of Muscat, a replica of a 9th-century Arab dhow, based on the design of an Omani trading vessel discovered wrecked – off the coast of Indonesia in 1998, and subsequently salvaged.

Noah's Ark

Rich in history, the innovative, interactive and multi-sensorial museum is also home to some of the 60,000 artefacts salvaged from the Belitung shipwreck, found off the coast of Belitung Island.

Baby E amazed by the sharks

Through the Maritime Experiential Museum, not only did we experience Asia’s rich maritime history, we also learnt of Singapore’s past as a trading port.


Here, Baby E was mesmerized by the life-sized shipwreck and the shimmering fishes swimming about. This was taken at the exit of the amazing 360º multi-sensory Typhoon Theatre where visitors could experience a simulated perilous and stormy voyage, and later find themselves up close with this underwater shipwreck and it’s surrounding magnificent marine life.

Besides being wonderstruck by the shipwreck, Baby E was also excited about the corals, and anything and everything that moved in the gigantic tank, pointing enthusiastically and cooing loudly.

We loved watching this school of tuna fish, swirling about freely, as if dancing for us in celebration of our wedding anniversary… Heh..

Viewing gallery

Then we came to the ultra large, awe-inspiring viewing gallery, where people could just sit around to admire the underwater creatures…

Baby E’s actions and expressions were so adorable, that it caught the attention of the staff there, who came to give her a Manta Ray headgear.

Manta Ray headgear on Baby E

This “crown” sure didn’t last long on her head, as she struggled out of her pram to get a closer look at the various creatures that fascinated her.

Manta Ray

On to the gelatinous free-swimming jellyfish! Pulsating about in locomotion, these transparent marine animals take on any color projected onto them, creating beautiful columns of enthralling pillars in which they reside.

Our experience of this Maritime Experiential Museum can be likened to a most amazing voyage of discovery and learning we have ever embarked on.

Family photo at SEA Museum

After the aquarium, we went back to Amara Sanctuary and drove to W Hotel at Sentosa Cove for our anniversary dinner. We decided on a buffet dinner since it will be the best for Baby E. In fact, she sat in the high chair all night long throughout our dinner! She must have known it was our anniversary dinner, being such a considerate 1 yr old.

Kitchen Table

This blogpost sums up all that happened for our 3rd wedding anniversary on 17 September 2014. May God continue to bless us with many more years to come!

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