Hey Pretty One! You Are a Star!


Three years! We have been married for three years! On our third year wedding anniversary, we decided to have a professional studio photoshoot for ourselves to commemorate this chapter of our love story.

Now that we have a sweet addition who not only completes us as a family, who also has been a tremendous blessing to us, we wanted the professional photographer to focus on our little one, instead of ourselves.

After considering a few studios, we narrowed down our preferred choices to “The White Room Studio”, “Lighted Pixels”, and “FLASH by Morffew”, eventually we settled upon the latter.

The adage “never work with animals or children” doesn’t have to ring true for parents wanting to take naturally-fabulous photos of their littlies. Those seeking to capture their loved ones’ special moments can visit FLASH by Morffew”, touted to be Australia’s favourite family photographic studio that specializes in children’s photography.

According to the Morffew philosophy, the best photos are natural and easy to take, and these refer to the precious moments that can’t be planned. “Portraits shouldn’t be posed and should focus on the wonderful expressions on your child’s face… stuff that melts the heart.”

How true! We are very impressed and content with all the 97 photos taken during the 15 to 20 min session.

Our Australian photographer, Scarlett McKee, who is also the Head Photographer and Group Training Manager in Australia, effortlessly bagged in photo-after-photo of our normally cautious and frowning Baby E into her camera’s memory card.

Each and every shot was stunning. Baby E’s innocence and joy were rightly portrayed through the lens, and remarkably delivered through the high resolution photographs.

We were very blessed to have Scarlett be our photographer. She is in Singapore for just one week and today was her last day at the studio, before she returns to Australia.

Baby E clearly enjoyed her photoshoot with Scarlett, who was so good at making children feel at ease. At the end of the photoshoot after she has uploaded all the pictures onto the screen and reviewed through them, she told us she particularly loved the picture shown above, where Baby E was so ladylike, sitting by herself, posing with her hands together on her laps… then the next moment, she broke into giggles!


For us, we loved how she was cuddling Baby Piglet, just the same way she does every morning when we asked her where is Piglet? and that will set her off looking for Piglet, till she finds it and then the affectionate cuddling and cooing starts. We are very thankful that Scarlett captured such moments in still pictures for us.


Of course, not forgetting the giant CareBear™ she received for her birthday, Scarlett effortlessly captured that dear moment of her hugging it! with CareBear™ kissing her cheeky face. Such moments are priceless!

The last few shots for Baby E before we share her limelight, was to let her stand by the corner, and just let her be herself. We were thrilled to see her posing for the camera as Scarlett snaps away.

Finally, it was time for us to join her for some family shots. Evidently, our little one didn’t really like to share the glamour time! There she was, pouting and wondering why was her glamour moment over so fast?!!


We would highly recommend anyone to give “FLASH by Morffew” a chance to capture such precious moments for your little love ones. You can find them at the following addresses:

3 Temasek Boulevard
#02-712 Suntec City
Singapore 038983

101 Thomson Road
#01-53 United Square
Singapore 307591

3 Gateway Drive
#04-K4 Westgate Mall
Singapore 608532

Website: http://www.flashbymorffew.com

**Update on 01 October 2014

Flash by Morffew has very kindly offered a 20% discount off acrylics & packages for our friends and family. Just remember to mention my name if you do drop by for a photoshoot!

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2 Responses to Hey Pretty One! You Are a Star!

  1. rachelchan31 says:

    Blessed anniversary! Wow 3 years already!! Time flies… Beautiful pics too 😉

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