Baby E turns E!

This is the day she strutted… A new milestone indeed. The day she no longer mops around with her hands and knees. The day she grinned from ear to ear wherever she stomped with her two sturdy little feet, obviously overcome by her own greatness, while feeling all-brave and confident…

This is the day she ditched her phase of babyhood, and embarks on her journey into toddlerhood. She is no longer a baby. She has officially turned into a toddler.

I am overjoyed seeing her grow, being there with her through her every milestone. No one ever said motherhood is easy, with all its compulsory on-the-job training and the only teachers you could turn to are google or other mothers who may have experienced the same thing that you are going through with your baby, and that too, sometimes are not reliable sources of guidance since every baby and situation is different.

Motherhood has taught me tons of things. There are lessons that I enjoy, particularly those that reminds me of my own merry-making childhood, getting to go through it all over again, but this time as a guide to my little one since now I’ve become the expert, aficionado, professional player of all things childish. There are also lessons that bewilder me, such as learning the ability to string pretty words that make no sense, to kissing full sense into empty words…

Mommy, I see you!

Besides loving the process of learning those amusing and delightful lessons mentioned above, motherhood will also continue to teach me difficult lessons that I may not ever want to experience myself, even less so if E has to go through the hardship too.

Nonetheless, the most important lesson that I kept retaking, of which continues to teach me is: How God has been so patient with me, even at times when I was most unlovable. Yet, His love for me changes not, and encompasses me about.

“Yet hope returns when I remember this one thing: The Lord’s unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as the morning, as sure as the sunrise. The Lord is all I have, and so in Him I put my hope.” (Lamentations 3:21-24, GNT)

Motherhood allows me to take a glimpse into the store of abundant love, patience, kindness, mercy, grace, gentleness, and all-things-good-and-wonderful that God has for each one of us. It is liberating. It is humbling. It is beyond my understanding.

No matter how arduous it can prove to be, I have faith in my Lord Jesus Christ, that He is with me always, and will bring me through any trial that may come my way. For I have my eyes on Him, whom I know empowers me to continue on this life-long journey of parenthood together with J.

Baby E turns E

Strut on, my dearest girl! Mommy can’t wait to run with you!

E turned 1 year and 12 days old today. Big milestone for our firstborn!

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One Response to Baby E turns E!

  1. carol yoke Teng says:

    Thanking God with you for this significant milestone!!

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