Swinging Joy

Swinging Joy

Months ago when I first brought E to the playground with my brother, she almost cried for anything and everything. She was unwilling to try the slide, the see saw, the bouncy rides, nor the swing. We were delighted to see her immerse herself in enjoyment of every equipment found at the playground today.

My dad was so eager to help E adapt to the toddler swing, and started swaying her while playing peekaboo with her. E was having a thrill as she enjoyed the sensations of soaring and falling as the swing oscillated back and forth like a pendulum.

Hello Daddy!

We played till J came by to fetch us home after his work. We will surely bring her back to the playground the next time we visit my parents again!

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2 Responses to Swinging Joy

  1. vanessa says:

    Hi, could you share where is this playground and if you know any playground for such swings in sg? Thanks (:

  2. Sanchalika says:

    May I know which playground is this one? I am looking for a playground with such swings that have safety harnesses for my toddler.

    Thank you.

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