Singkids @ United Square

Now that E is walking so well, play gyms have became so much more fun for her! It is a place where babies and toddlers meet and play alongside each other. A place where these littlies keenly observe their peers – an important aspect in their cognitive development, understanding mobility as well as other aspects of learning.

Excuse me!

Whenever we passed by Singkids at United Square, E will ebulliently point at the flying balloons encased within the balloon chamber…

Thank you!

She will sort of go bonkers over balloons wherever she sees them, so the balloon chamber in Singkids never fails to hold her spellbound.

Designed and built by an innovative Japanese company in Osaka, Japan, Singkids has many other safe play systems that are mostly heavily padded. They are also very colourful, and help the little ones to gain and master their sense of balance…

Rotating wheel

… like this rotating wheel that goes round and round, very much like a hamster wheel, but this one is fully automated and rotates very slowly. E had to maintain her balance without falling flat on her face.

Rotating wheel

The play systems are mostly automated with their speeds set at a slow pace, even for the automated see saw (seen in the picture collage above). Hence, this indoor playground is very suitable for tots from 9 months old to maybe 3 years old? I reckoned the older children may find it too boring after a while.

Singkids® PlaySystems  has 3 locations. The one reviewed above is in United Square.

  1. United Square, 101 Thomson Road, B1-56/56A
  2. Changi Airport Terminal 3, B2 Mall unit #14,15,16 and 26
  3. Vivo City, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-171~174

*We have yet to visit the outlets in Changi Airport Terminal 3 (3200 sq ft) and Vivo City (2800 sq ft). They are much larger and brighter than the one in United Square. We will probably visit them some day!

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