The Little Ones Club on 05102014

We reached church very early at 8:30 am today because J needed to see and assess his patient whom he had operated on, on Friday. So he dropped us in church before he went off to see his patient in the hospital. I find it was great to be in church early, to fellowship with people whom we seldom meet and greet even on Sundays, especially now that we attend The Little Ones Club in a different sanctuary.

First in creche

This was E happy to have the creche all to herself on The Lord’s day. In fact, today was also the day Zion BPC celebrated Children’s Day in church, with the children singing “Creation Sings” written and performed by Keith and Kristyn Getty, together with AG 12 during worship.

Children's Day

After worship in songs and praise, and offering and offertory response, we adjourned to the Sanctuary 2 on level 3 to attend The Little Ones Club.

Songs and praise

There, our children were led by the teachers as they sang songs after songs of praise and worship to God, our Lord. I particularly remembered some of the songs with their actions: Jesus Loves the Little Children, With Christ in the Vessel, He’s the Lord of the Sunshine, etc.

After singing and offering, the children were asked to gather around teacher Karen for Bible Story time. It was such a blessing to see the children listening attentively on the Bible story on “Blind Bartimaeus Receives his sight” depicted in Mark 10:46-52. Karen made use of a puppet to represent Bartimaeus as she told the story and described the scene. That was E holding a piece of prop for teacher Karen. It was funny how near she got to the storyteller – a good sign that she will be a keen learner and attentive listener…

Then Zhixian brought over a table for the next activity. It was time for the littlies to put crayons onto paper!

This morning, they were asked to draw Bartimaeus – first his head, then his hair, his ears, nose and mouth… the teachers gave out eyes for them to stick onto their drawings after.

E observing how to draw

That was what E came out with upon observing others…

E's 1st drawing

E’s first drawing… She was 2 days short of becoming 13 months old.

We really enjoy attending The Little Ones Club for E’s sake. It is very enriching for her. We adults have fun watching our tots engaged and immersed in the many activities that guide them to know The Lord Jesus Christ too!

May The Lord bless this ministry abundantly.

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