World Best Ramen

J has always loved ramen. But, not just any ramen. We have tried so many different forms of Japanese ramen, nothing comes close to the appetizing recipe served by Miharu. The entire year of 2013 we were in Calgary, our craving for ramen was neither satisfied by Muku Japanese Ramen in Kensington, 326 14 St NW Calgary, AB T2N1Z7 nor Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Sushi along Centre Street North, 1608 Centre St N Calgary, AB T2E. Even when we were holidaying in Kyoto, Japan, we found nothing as delish as Miharu.

Imagine the sheer zing when we came back to Singapore!

Smiling sweetly at Daddy

Today, we were craving for good ramen again, so we set off early for a delectable experience.

Come on Ellie! Let's go!

We used to always order no. 11 on their menu, but since it has added two new dishes in between, our favourite has been shifted down and given a new number i.e. no. 13. Using Sapporo Nishiyama noodles which are imported directly from Hokkaido, these noodles have a springy and QQ texture that gives a nice bite as you chew them.

Miharu ramen

It is oh-so-delicious! According to the menu, this is “Tokusen Ton Shio – Special Pork Flavoured with Rich Taste Salt”. I have always loved the generous servings of accompanying condiments that top the ramen within the bowl, especially the buttered corn, which provides a dollop of sweet contrast to the otherwise rather salty soup.

E tasting the springy noodles

This was E tasting the springy noodles and flavourful stock… If you have tried Miharu’s ramen before, you would have guessed her response…

Give me more!!

… “Give me More!!” That was E pointing at my ramen, asking me to load her with more ramen! STAT!! Lol! E is super cute! I may be biased!

Update: Due to renovation works in Gallery Hotel, Miharu will be closed from 27 October 2014 until further notice. Hurry down to satisfy your ramen craving! If you can’t decide which version to order, do give no. 13 a try and let us know if you like it too!

The Gallery Hotel
1 Nanson Road #01-11

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