Baking and Playdate with Bestie

We’ve have looking forward to baking together and letting our daughters play with each other. Finally, the day has arrived! W has just moved into her new residence at Esparina, everything was so new and stylish. We are so blessed to be invited there for this long-awaited meetup!

Vionn's pricness room

W is my very first best friend. I was the new kid in the class, W was the first one who came to befriend me. We were 7+ yo then, still tender and innocent. I was shy to be in a classroom full of strangers, I sat there with my head hung low, hands clasped tightly together, about to tear quietly by myself. It was then when W came by, with her generous smile, she cheered me up and from then on, we were always seen together, everywhere we went.

Penguin and reading

We progressed together to the same class every year, and excelled in track and field, high and broad jumps, gymnastics, dance, “zero-point”, etc. Primary school life was a bliss with her around.

Button making in the process

Now that we are both married, has a daughter each, I really miss those days when we were so close and did almost everything and went everywhere together. We have planned to rekindle our old flame of sisterly love, by aiming to meet up at least once a month to begin with… Today, we met at her new residence for lunch, consisting of porridge with grilled fish and accompanying condiments.

Vionn teaching E to catwalk

Then we drove out to buy baking ingredients. That was 4 yo Vionn teaching E how to catwalk as we walked to our car. At the supermarket, they managed to share one shopping cart as we loaded it with cake flour, coconut cream, eggs, pandan leaves, etc.

Shopping for ingredients

Hmmm… Judging from these ingredients, you may have guessed what we would be baking when we got home! For the aficionados of the baking world, you probably have got it right! We were baking a Pandan Kaya Butter Cake (I’m sharing the recipe in the next post)!

Pandan Kaya Butter Cake

When we got home, we each put our daughter to nap while we whisked, sifted, blended and squeezed, and mixed away in the kitchen. That was E dancing to a tune after she woke up from her nap.

E dancing

While we waited for the oven to do its magic on the greenish cake batter we placed in the center rack, E was treated to some marshmallow snack.

Marshmallow snack

Later, W even offered to bring E down for a quick dip in their baby pool. Not an ordinary wading pool, it is such a cleverly designed pool that is both functional and safe for babies. We absolutely love the water features there too!

We didn’t bring E’s swimming gear, the swimming suit and float seen above all belong to Vionn. We were very thankful for their generosity and thoughtfulness towards us all the while we were there with them. The baking went well, both girls enjoyed the playdate, I can’t wait to see them soon again!

Knocked out

I couldn’t help feeling so blessed after the meetup with my bestie. That was E, knocked out in her car seat on our way home after the eventful day!

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