The Little Ones Club 12102014

TLOC 12102014

Dad, Mum, E and I arrived in Zion Serangoon BPC this morning, together as a family, all ready to worship The Lord! I brought E to Sanctuary 2 at level 3 where The Little Ones Club was conducted, while Mum and Dad attended worship service in the main sanctuary at level 2.

Children settling down

All the preschoolers were arriving and we all gathered around Deacon Shujin, settling down to get ready for worship.

Snuggling up close to E

After a round of self-introduction and getting to know who’s who, 3 yo Caleb, 5 yo Grayden, 4 yo Sarah and Micah suddenly came up close to E, and sat real close to her, smiling at her and patting her.

Close friends

This is how friendly and loving they are towards the youngest child in the group.

Beamish E

Even Elizabeth felt the warmth of the children and couldn’t help beaming so widely we couldn’t see her eyes! That expression was priceless.

The first song we sang was “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. Everyone was listening so attentively to Teacher Elyssa as she explained to the children how precious they are and how all of us are loved dearly by Jesus, even the adults too, because we are also the children of God.

We also sang “Stand Up and Shout It” with its actions and all. I felt so blessed just watching the children being so engaged in singing songs of worship and praise to God.

E Tithing

During offering time, E eagerly reached for the dolly container to tithe. Cute!! And that was 5 yo Kayla and 2 yo Claire waiting for their turns.

Bible story time

Then came Bible story time! Today’s story was based on the account of “Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King” in Mark 11:1-11. Rachel involved all the children as the crowd which gathered to welcome Jesus as He entered Jerusalem.

Untying the donkey

But before that, the children played the roles of Jesus’ disciples first, where they were asked to find a donkey (played by Deacon Shujin) and untie it to bring it to Jesus (Mark 11:2-6).

E hurrying along to wave her palm leaf too

E hurrying along to wave her palm leaf too, to welcome Jesus

Then the children transformed to become the people on the streets, who laid down their clothes (supplied by Teacher Rachel) and branches from the palm tree, waving and shouting “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David! Hosanna in the highest heaven!” (Mark 11:8-10).

Hosanna! Hosanna!

No child dared to role play as Jesus, so Teacher Elsa had to pretend the offering container was Jesus riding on the donkey as He entered Jerusalem, trotting over the clothes and palm leaves laid on the path to prevent Jesus from getting dirty.

Praying time

Teacher Rachel concluded the story and answered questions from the floor. She ended by quizzing the children, asking them to shout out the answer (important keywords) to the blanks in her sentences.

Arts and Craft time

The final activity for today’s Little Ones Club was Arts and Craft! The children were provided with craft materials for them to create a donkey puppet, which they could bring home to colour too!

Teacher Elsa helping E

This was Teacher Elsa helping E with applying glue onto the donkey parts and guiding her where to paste.

Arts and Craft

Before we know it, it was time to wrap up and adjourn to the Fellowship Hall to reunite with their parents, who by this time, should have finished their worship service in the main sanctuary. I took E downstairs to look for Mum and Dad, and we spent time fellowshipping in the hall, before we headed home.

Praise The Lord for a most blessed day! For the whole week, I had been looking forward to turning up in the house of God to worship Him and to fellowship with my church mates. The Lord has made everything good in its time, in His perfect timing. Bless the Name of God forever.

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