爷爷嫲嫲’s Visit

07 October 2014, Tuesday

We have been keenly looking forward to Dad and Mum’s visit. Finally, the day has arrived!

On the way to airport

After J returned from work, we hurried to the airport so that we could be in time to receive them at the luggage claim exit. This was E quietly sitting in her car seat, without fussing throughout the 30 min car ride to the airport.

E has not forgotten about her 爷爷 and 嫲嫲! She last saw 爷爷 in April 2014 when we went to Penang to celebrate J’s and Mum’s birthdays (Read post here: http://wp.me/p48223-pR). As for 嫲嫲, E last saw her in June 2014 when Mum came over for a visit (read post here: http://wp.me/p48223-BY). When she saw them walking over, E walked over enthusiastically! Mum and Dad were as thrilled to see her!

爷爷, 嫲嫲 and E

It was such a blessed reunion! Later, we went to Paradise Inn for dinner. While waiting for the food to arrive, 嫲嫲 took out a jigsaw puzzle to distract E, as they while away the waiting time.

Mum said J used to love doing puzzles when he was young, she bought puzzles for E this time, and it seems E loves doing them too! At such a tender age, E seemed to already comprehend where the last piece should go, as we would leave the last piece for her to complete the puzzle.

As usual, there were lots of goodies that Mum and Dad bought for us on their visit: Yew lapis cakes, organic brown and black rice harvested from their friends’ paddy fields, clothes, puzzles and swimming arm bands for E, etc. among many others!

*This was also the day when E had her Mantoux testing done at the Contact Clinic in TTSH.

08 October 2014, Wednesday

The next day saw Dad and Mum running important errands, which were their main purpose for this visit, besides spending quality time with us.

09 October 2014, Thursday

This was the day I went baking with my bestie at her new residence.

You may read the post here: http://wp.me/p48223-11X

This was also the day Dad and Mum kindly helped us to reorganise our kitchen, and also cleared up our store room! We are so blessed to have such loving and selfless parents like them!

10 October 2014, Friday

In the morning, I brought E to the market to buy fish and breakfast. Her happy feet were so enthusiastic to walk the streets!

BCG Vaccination day

In the afternoon, J and I brought E back to the Contact Clinic to have her Mantous testing spot examined. The negative reading meant she shall proceed with the BCG vaccination to protect her from contracting tuberculosis, if she does get exposed to a TB patient.

At night, we brought Mum and Dad to have the famed Claypot Curry Fish Head at Metropolitan YMCA @ Stevens Road. Served in their very own Metro-Y Restaurant, this curry fish head is their signature dish. We had the whole fish head along with 3 other side dishes for dinner.

11 October 2014, Saturday

After J left for Hong Kong for a spine conference, I drove us all to the Botanic Gardens for our evening walk.

I was amused by merely looking at how E was gleefully strutting her stuff, stopping to dance like a jitterbug once in awhile when she heard music echoing from the Amphiteatre.

Bubble time

The princess bubbles Isaac gave Elizabeth as her birthday present was finally put to good use in the gardens. Awed by the colourful bubbles surrounding her, E was going about trying to pop them. As for me, I was contented standing near her blowing new batches of bubbles for her popping pleasure…

12 October 2014, Sunday

This Lord’s Day was special to us because Mum and Dad were with us in church. They worshipped in the main sanctuary, while E and I worshipped in the crèche, before we went up to Sanctuary 2 at level 3 for The Little Ones Club.

At night, we went to my parent’s place for dinner. It had been 3 years since they last met. Dinner was at Ghee Hong Coffeeshop where the Zi Char serves pretty good and affordable dishes. We are thankful to have had a great reunion over a sumptuous dinner!

Dinner with my family

13 October 2014, Monday

This was 爷爷嫲嫲’s last night with us in Singapore. We had Ps Eddy and Aunty Jessie came over for lunch and fellowship tea in the afternoon.

In the evening, we went swimming! E was blessed to have swam with 嫲嫲 on Saturday, and then again with 爷爷 today. This time, I had my camera ready to snap some precious moments.

Are you ready to swim?

E was sitting by the edge while 爷爷 beckoned her to snuggle into his arms…

… for some flying dolphin moves…

E really enjoyed the swim, especially with her new arm bands that served well to keep her afloat without us holding her… Meanwhile, 爷爷 also had arm exercises done!

Dinner at Boon Tong Kee

At night, we walked to Boon Tong Kee for dinner, then walked back home, as we leisurely strolled along the sidewalk while chit chatting all the way back home.

*Postlude: As soon as Mum and Dad left the next day, JRE missed them terribly. The house was quiet once more, the kitchen table started to clutter up again, etc. As for the positives, there were no more lizards in sight, E’s room was transformed back to become her playroom once again, she also resumed her sleeping routine (because with 爷爷嫲嫲 around, E got too excited and happy to want to fall asleep at her regular timings).

Dear gracious Lord, Heavenly Father, thank you so much for giving us such great exemplary parents. We pray that You will fill them with Thy choicest blessings, enrich their souls with Thy holy grace, bless their labours and keep them always in Thine care. May You also grant them long lives on earth and enjoy continuous health in mind and body. Just as Thou hast commanded us to honour them, help us, O’ Lord, we pray, to be respectful and obedient to them in all matters according to Thy will. Please grant us Thy grace to perform all our duties carefully and faithfully, to avoid undesirable company and influence, and resist all temptation that may come our way; that we may live a sober, righteous and godly life, ever praising Thee and glorifying Thy Holy Name. In the Name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, we pray these. Amen.

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  1. carol yoke Teng says:

    We thank God for every opportunity to meeting up with you all:)) Looking forward to our next family reunion in December!! Love you all.

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