Rolling in the Deep – Swensen’s Lobster Rolls

We have been wanting to sink our teeth into some flavoursome lobster rolls since we heard about Pince and Pints Lobster Bar in Duxton Hill, Singapore. Priced at $48 for each of its 4-item-only menu, the Singapore’s first lobster-specialty eatery better has something to prove its worth for waiting in long queues due to its no-reservation policy at the restaurant. So delighted are we when we heard that Swensen’s has recently launched a limited edition menu of its lobster rolls! At a fraction of the price, we could also satisfy our crustacean appetite and have a taste of these epicurean dishes at an affordable price. We didn’t have to wait in snaking queues with a baby in tow, and we get to dine sanely in a child-friendly restaurant that has many other choices of food on its extensive menu to boot, including it’s very own child’s menu!

Large menu at Swensen's

Besides its main menu, Swensen’s has a lobster roll menu that features 2 versions. The minute we sat down, we already knew what to order – one lobster roll each so that we can share and taste both.

Lobster menu

Swensen’s Lobster Rolls menu. Photo credits:

For E, we ordered Mac n’ Cheese from their child’s menu. Haha! That was E flapping her hands with plastic cutlery in them, while J contemplates if we should order an additional dish from the main menu.

JE at Swensen's

Service was prompt even though the branch at Ion Orchard was fully packed for dinner time on a Saturday night. We were given a booth seat, away from the busy dessert buffet table where irresistible cakes of different flavours were served. There were also a live waffle-making station and two chocolate fondue – milk chocolate on one side and white chocolate on the other, standing tall and flowy amidst the tableful of sweets.

Swensen's Boston lobster roll

Swensen’s Boston lobster roll

The sweet and succulent flesh of an entire lobster imported from Boston was seasoned in a creamy and tangy aioli that carries notes of lime and honey, before it’s packed snugly into the oh-so-delish buttery buns that held them up so well. The bun was slightly crispy on the outside, and all-fluffy-and-pillowy inside. I don’t mind chowing it down by itself sans the lobster filling. The cheapest Boston lobster roll in town doesn’t disappoint in flavours, it is clearly a winner! Priced at $21.80, Swensen’s Boston lobster roll is served with a side of dressed mesclun leaves salad and its signature shoestring fries.

E enjoying fries

These are fries that even E loves nibbling on. They stay crispy, never have I found any soggy ones ever – a sign that they are well prepared and fried in fresh oil.

Swensen's Slipper lobster roll

Swensen’s Slipper lobster roll

Heavily dressed in creamy mustard mayonnaise, the Slipper lobster roll pales in comparison to the Boston lobster roll in its presentation as well as in its taste profile. We would gladly pay $5 more for the Boston lobster roll for the indulgent and gastronomical delight-ful experience it provides.

Swensen's lobster roll experience

The Lobster Roll Menu is available for a limited time only. Served at all Swensen’s outlets from 15th October 2014 to 30th November 2014, so hurry down to try it!

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