New Milestone – Identifying Parts of Face

Since E was an infant, 嫲嫲 already started singing “Eyes and ears and nose and mouth” to her. As E got older and began to explore our faces with her hands just like all babies do, we would instinctively voiced the names of the features she was pointing at, teaching her about the facial parts. These early interactions seemed insignificant at times, but we believed they do help babies achieve certain milestones, including language development and of course, identifying body parts.

We first noticed her “knowing” when Shen gave E her favourite stuffie – Baby Piglet. She was 11 months then, and would point to Piglet’s nose when Mommy said “Nose”!

Baby E points to Piglet's nose

Baby E points to Piglet’s nose

I have not tried asking E if she knows the parts of the face. Today was our first attempt. Out of the blue, I asked, “Elizabeth, where is Mommy’s nose?” She reached out and pressed onto my nose just like how she pressed down onto Piglet’s in the above picture. I was elated! Enthusiastic to find out if she knew more than where the nose is, I continued asking her where are my eyes, my mouth and my ears… She nailed all of them like a pro! Her reflexes were seen first (almost instantaneously) from her eyes, followed by her index finger pointing to the part correctly.

Hmmm… what took us so long to identify this milestone? Perhaps we have too many other things to do… e.g. feeding, playing, reading, dancing, outings, napping, swimming, etc…

E was 1 week shy of 14 months old today.

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