GRUB Noodle Bar

We are always on a lookout for tastylicious beef noodles, or what J and Mum refer to as “Gu Bak Kuey Tiao”. After chancing upon GRUB Noodle Bar on #HoneyBeeSweet’s Instagram, I knew I’ve got to ask J to go try their beef noodles together!

GRUB Noodle Bar

Photo credit: @grubnoodlebar instagram

Helmed by the husband-wife team who started Cookyn Inc (a cooking school that also hosts private parties and team building events); GRUB (a bistro in AMK-Bishan Park) and FIX (an alfresco poolside cafe in the HomeTeamNS-JOM clubhouse), this promising noodle bar carries the same philosophy behind their food i.e. Food made from natural and responsible ingredients (free from MSG, artificial preservatives, additives and flavourings). It is no wonder that GRUB Noodle Bar serves up 100% hormone-&-antibiotic-free 150-day grainfed Angus sirloin and ribeye slices as one of the choices to accompany their beef noodles.

GRUB Noodle Bar

This was my share of freshly made egg noodles that came with 100% beef meatballs, minced beef and stewed mushrooms drenched in an oh-so-delish house sauce. This bowl of dry noodles resembles the familiar Bak Chor Mee with its offering of meatballs, minced meat and stewed mushrooms on a bed of sauced noodles. The difference is that instead of the humble pork that is used in the Bak Chor Mee, GRUB Noodle Bar uses beef.

GRUB Noodle Bar Beef Broth

The bowl of noodles also came with an accompanying bowl of souperlicious goodness in the form of a well-seasoned tasteful beef broth filled with thinly sliced beef. There are 4 types of beef you may choose from. As described in their menu, the 4 options are:

  1. Pasture-Fed Brisket $12 (Good amount of fat vs meat, firm bite with good flavour of the fat)
  2. Pasture-Fed Rump $15 (From the leg area that’s well-exercised, less fat for the health-conscious, meaty, flavourful yet tender)
  3. 100% Hormone-&-Antibiotic free 150-day Grainfed Angus Sirloin $17 (Well-morbid, flavour unique to the angus breed with a good bite)
  4. 100% Hormone-&-Antibiotic free 150-day Grainfed Angus Ribeye $19 (Melt it your mouth, taste it to believe it!)

My bowl of MSG-free beef broth was filled with pasture-fed rump (less fat yet tender and succulent), while J’s bowl was filled with Angus ribeye that promises to melt in the mouth, with added rump meat (additional $5) for extra meaty goodness!

E slurping up too

The noodles and beef were so good E enjoyed and shared our slurping experience too! In fact, she slurped it up so quickly I wished I had more hands to feed both of us simultaneously! ;p

Satisfied customer at GRUB Noodle Bar

Their food clearly won me over! Not merely because it was a satisfying hearty bowl of beef noodles, that features quality beef and a wholesome broth without MSG, it was also because of their belief in providing food that use natural and responsible ingredients without artificial preservatives, additives and flavourings that really bought me over.

Wall Mural outside GRUB Noodle Bar

Before we left, J took a picture of us by the wall mural painted by local artist and illustrator Eeshaun who captured the essence of the eatery. I love local businesses who support the work of local artists. It is also a blessing that we have talented Mervyn and Amanda (chain owners) as my former churchmates in Zion Bishan Bible Presbyterian Church. In fact, tonight when we were there, we ran into a couple of Zion members who came to show their support too…

May God continue to guide them in the right direction, and grant them the inspiration and the resources to succeed in their business endeavours. The work of The Lord be glorified!

*This blogpost is not sponsored, nor was it meant as an advertorial. This post was written solely based on our first dining experience at GRUB Noodle Bar.

GRUB Noodle Bar
221 Rangoon Road

Singapore 218459

Operating hours: 7.00 pm to 12.30am (Closed on Mondays)

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