New Milestone – Stair Climbing

E’s new craze is stair climbing, but she is assiduous in the ascent just so she could practice the descent, enthusiastically. Her eyes would lit up when she reaches the top of the flight of stairs, and if I could read her mind, I surmise that she is thinking of running down… even flying off the stairs!

Thank God, this girl knows her limitations! To prevent herself from taking a tumble, she would grasp the balusters (since she is not tall enough to reach the handrail yet) ever so tightly, and fidget up and down the steps – non-stop! or at least till she’s exhausted from her “work-out”!

Whenever we are out for walks or shopping, the mere sight of a staircase will set this little daughter of mine running to it! Yes, she is that committed in getting her dose of exercise for the day.

She is my cutie-pie! E was 13 months +21 days old when she started her stair climbing craze.

Thought I should end this blogpost with a quick rhyme I created off my still-functioning brain centre, to commemorate this new milestone, for our beloved daughter…

The latest craze, I’m not amazed, lightens up her tiny face
It’s the sight of a staircase that entrances her gaze
There is certainly no fear, that cripples my little toddler dear

Reading stairs as an interpolation in her growing world of exploration
Her determination will not be stifled, her efforts are not to be trifled
I shall not inhibit her, for I am her faithful encourager!

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