Zion BPC Open House

Zion BPC Open House

Today was Zion Bible Presbyterian Church’s Open House Day! We were invited to volunteer our help on this eventful day to reach out to the visitors and seekers of the faith. A flurry of events were organised and carried out simultaneously, there were goody bags giveaway, buffet lunch catered, a cafe set up in the chapel, children activities, car wash, etc.

Young Families Ministry

Our assistance was called for at the Young Families Ministry Station. While stationed there, I had the opportunity to also learn more about the 6-month course on “Growing Kids God’s Way” from Angela. Many of us also did the Love Language Test designed by Dr Gary Chapman from his book “The 5 Love Languages” which has sold more than 9 million copies. As applicable as it is insightful, I found my love language to be Quality Time.

*If you are interested to discover your love language, so as to improve your relationship with your spouse, or people whom you interact on a daily basis (i.e. your children, colleagues, friends, etc), you can do the test here: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/#

Babies and toddlers also had fun while the adults were busy.

Fun under the table

Lots of food were going around too, filling up the stomachs of our growing little ones!

Thank God for blessing us with great weather, all activities (especially the car wash done by the youths at the church’s open-air carpark) were able to proceed with no difficulties, and visitors were able to attend our Open House due to the fine weather.

When our station was closed, we went up to the chapel to patronise “Our Daily Brew” Cafe ran by Wendell and his team of dedicated “servers”!

Following the exit of the cafe’s last customer, everyone celebrated the birthdays of Jinling and Ariel, who happened to fall on the same day, that day. E loved the macarons served, as well as the chocolate mousse birthday cake!

From the 3rd level, E saw the colourful balloons at the fellowship hall at level 1, and was cooing excitedly while pointing at them, so we went downstairs. There, she met the older children (Hannah, Kayla, Ruth, Mayette, A-chi) and played with them! I was also blessed to have met Olga (A-chi’s mother), introduced by Hazel.

Mayette and A-chi

We also want to thank God for the smooth operations and cooperation among the various ministries that span the entire 3 floor-levels of our church compound. Now that the event was over, we pray that the hearts of the visitors be responsive, and follow-up can be performed smoothly and without any hindrance.

Ps Eddy gains acceptance from E

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