Playdate with Ayko

Cookie baking

Cookie baking

Since we parted ways in Wilby Residences, Katja and I have been looking forward to meet up again for a playdate! We became busy with our own lives and in the blink of an eye, several months passed us by, till we finally met and caught up over missed times today!

Cookies baked!

Cookies ready to be prettified!!

We have planned to bake and decorate some cookies, make and bake a brioche, enjoy some pool dipping time together, and have dinner too. In the end, due to time constraint, and last minute changes, we only accomplished half of our objectives. Nonetheless, it couldn’t have been more enjoyable than what we did today, we are already looking forward to the next playdate!

Waiting to glaze

Waiting to glaze the cookies

Katja already had the cookies baked when we arrived at her residence. Even the coloured glaze were already concocted and ready for us to exercise our creativity in decorating the cookies!

Ayko couldn't resist

Ayko couldn’t resist!

While waiting for us to craft out the piping bags, Ayko already helped herself to tasting the sugary glaze… Who could blame her? 3 bowls of delicious sweetness laying right in front of her, beckoning her finger to dip into them, for a taste!

Ayko licking off the piping bags!

Ayko licking off the piping bags!

Ok.. that was not enough… So she decided to lick right off the glaze-filled piping bag tip instead! Hee! Children are so pure and innocent, aren’t they?! We finished up glazing the butter cookies and left them to dry.

Aren't they pretty?

Aren’t they pretty?

Besides being a great baking assistant, Ayko was also a brilliant babysitter! She took care of E so well, encouraging her to drink more water, leading her by the hand to her toys-filled princess room…

… and welcoming E to her fascinating tent (which E also has at home) for some alone time with her.

Watching them get along well was such a relief! Despite their age gap (Ayko is 4.5 yo while E is 14 mo), we were glad to see E warming up quickly with Ayko.

Pool dipping

Pool dipping

Then we all went down to their 50 m infinity lap pool for some evening pool dipping time! E was very at ease and happily propelling herself forward by kicking in short bursts every once in awhile while suspended in the water.

E making new friends by the pool

E making new friends by the pool

Many of Akko’s friends were by the pool making imaginary “cakes” and “fries” using their water buckets and spades. Kids do have tons of fanciful creativity constantly brewing in those little minds of theirs! That was E joining them in scooping water into the bucket while simultaneously observing and listening keenly to their kiddish conversation.

Having chips by the pool

Having chips by the pool

Ayko went back up to her home and brought us a bag of Lorenz Monster Munch Ketchup-flavoured chips and all the children came around to snack on them, including E who couldn’t stop munching on them too!

My cute lil’ bubs holding chips in both hands, kept returning to Katja to have seconds… Apparently, she must have forgotten she was there to exercise when the great-tasting highly addictive snack appeared!

More chips please?

More chips please?

When it started becoming a little chilly at the pool, we went back up for a bath where Ayko and E shared one same bath tub that was filled with water toys – another mini dipping time in the comfort of their own home.

Ayko and EWe thoroughly enjoyed the playdate today! We are already looking forward to more meetups with our lovely Belgian friends soon!

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