Staycation at Hotel Fort Canning

The last time we had a staycation was 2 months ago, at Amara Sanctuary Sentosa Resort during our 3rd wedding anniversary. This time, J gave us a pleasant surprise by gifting us an impromptu staycation, just for a good break for the weekend.

Happy Baby

E was still happy after immunisation!

We started our beautiful Saturday by bringing E for her immunisation appointment. Today she had MMR vaccination on her right arm, and pneumococcal conjugate vaccination on her right thigh. We were very thankful and glad to find out that her height has caught up from 25th percentile to the current >50th percentile, while her weight remains to be >50th percentile.

Lunch at Baja Fresh

Lunch at Baja Fresh

After the injections, E’s brief miserable cry gave way to smiles while we were on our way to Rendezvous Hotel for lunch at Baja Fresh. We ordered pulled-pork Quesadillas, MahiMahi Tacos and a steak Enchilada. The food was good but a tad too costly, I feel. Nonetheless, we enjoyed time spent together sharing over a good meal.

A walk in the park

A walk in the park

We checked in to Hotel Fort Canning at 2.00 pm, rested till 4.30 pm and went for a leisure stroll in Fort Canning Hill.

The stroll in the lush greenery of Fort Canning Park was such a bliss! We love the hilly terrain and thought this would be another great venue for our morning and evening runs!

E spotted a squirrel!

E spotted a squirrel!

This was E when she spotted a pair of bushy-tailed squirrels jumpin’ about all nimbly-bimbly from branch to branch!

Naming the squirrels to E

Naming the squirrels to E

J captured a great moment of Mommy teaching E about squirrels, which went from description to weaving an apologue about the squirrels. :p

Family photo in Fort Canning Park

Our stroll took us up and down the beautiful heritage gardens of Fort Canning Park, and around the reservoir, leading us to many artsy structures and features placed strategically within the park that has a rich history on its own.

Family photo on log in Fort Canning Park

After the walk, we went back to Hotel Fort Canning, which in itself is really likened to an oasis in the verdancy created by the ubiquitous foliage and greenery surrounding us. Basked in nature, we didn’t feel like we were in Singapore.

Hotel Fort Canning pool

There were 2 outdoor swimming pools in the hotel – a freeform pool and a lap pool, set on tiered levels in such serene and verdant surrounds. We took a quick dip in the chlorine-free pools that are filled with water treated by an innovative water filtering system based on NASA technology, with none of the health issues of conventional swimming pools.

For dinner, we were spoilt for choice since there is a myriad of food places dotting around the area to choose from. We could either go north towards Plaza Singapura, The Cathay, Park Mall etc. or go south towards Clarke Quay, Liang Court etc. Hmmm… The perks of staying in the city… Instead of driving, we decided to walk to Plaza Singapura, cutting through Park Mall, and we reached our destination in 7 min.

Dinner at Fish & Co, Park Mall

Dinner at Fish & Co, Park Mall

We walked around the mall and couldn’t decide what to have for dinner. Bought the yummy porridge from Tim Ho Wan for E, and walked back towards Park Mall’s Fish & Co because we both agreed it has been ages since we last tried its cuisine, and both of us have never been to this outlet before. And most importantly, it is baby-friendly!!

Service was prompt, the waiting area was awesome as they made it so homely and cosy, live band was most entertaining, and food was consistently good and portions were substantial. We ordered our usual favourites – Swordfish Collar and Seafood Platter.

Morning Run

All three of us knocked out with full tummies and arose early the next day, for our morning run towards MBS! We ran past the National Museum, across the SMU compounds, towards Raffles City Shopping Centre, along the Padang, and took a detour from the Esplanade where we ran into a large group of walkers for Run for Hope Singapore 2014. So we continued on along Connaught Drive towards the Singapore River and kept on the side of the Asian Civilisation Museum.


We followed along the river till we reached Hill Street.

Took the underpass to reach Clarke Quay where we wound through the many bars and restaurants till we hit the main road along River Valley Road.

Clarke Quay

We came back to Hotel Fort Canning via Clemenceau Avenue and heaved and puffed up the slope of Fort Canning Park, the same slope which used to house the former Singapore National Theatre.

Breakfast at The Glass House

Following a quick shower, we enjoyed a buffet breakfast in The Glass House restaurant where an extensive spread of breakfast items kept us full till late afternoon. Although not the best in taste and variety, the ambience beckons us to return soon!

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