Prayers Answered Beyond What We Asked For

There are so many things to be thankful for. First and foremost, I am thankful for having such an awesome God, my LORD does wondrous works! He is all loving and forgiving, full of mercy and compassion for His people. In His own timing, He has made things as they are, that happened according to His sovereign will. If He is with us, who can be against us?

Ever since Baby E was born, 14 months ago in Foothills Hospital in Calgary, AB, Canada, this bundle of joy has been a tremendous blessing in our lives. Our lives have been radically changed, we can’t imagine living our lives without her now!

Before we came back to Singapore, we have prayed that we would make new like-minded friends who are also stay-at-home-moms (SAHMs), who are fellow sisters-in-Christ, as well as for older women who could guide us on our spiritual walk with God. A prayer that seemed difficult by chance, is so quickly accomplished by God. In fact, He gave us more than we asked for, or even imagined! Praise the Lord!

Since we returned in late January, we had the opportunity to stay in Wilby Residences, a serviced apartment where we made many international friends, whom I managed to keep in contact till today.

After we moved to our current central location, I started attending the Moms’ Bible study fellowship in our church, where we met many SAHMs who are exemplary role models for me. I thank God for giving me friends like Cheryl, Hazel, Angela, Linh, Olga, etc. who are great encouragers to me in parenting. Their gentle and loving demeanours have blessed me in leaps and bounds, being great and faithful examples for me to model after.

Mothers Group Bible Study

God has given each of us unique spiritual gifts, aptitudes, abilities, and talents (1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12). No two people are the same. What we might think is a common talent may in fact be a uniquely shaped personal trait that can be of real encouragement to others.

In 2 Timothy 1:6, we are encouraged to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave us, so we can bring joy and encouragement to others as we use our God-given treasures and develop our abilities. May we not become so earthly minded that we fail to use the gifts designed with eternal value. May we also not be found robbing ourselves as well as others of a wonder-filled life by hiding our gifts in a “pseudo-humble” personality. God expects us to refine and perfect our gifts through practice and participation rather than simply being a spectator. He wants us to share our talents, thereby being a reflection of the love Jesus Christ has for each one of us, drawing people to Him.

Since we moved here, we have also became friends with like-minded neighbors who are SAHMs who also have tender and young littlies to care for. Staying in the same compound gave us many opportunities to spend precious time together – grocery shopping, swimming, playground meetups at 5 pm on most days, rotational house-visiting etc. Life became such a bliss with like-minded friends who are genuine and passionate about the same things as we are.

As if all these new and wonderful friends are not enough to revel in excitement and accentuate our lives, God who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, doesn’t stop giving…

In His usual amazing and mysterious ways, He made it possible for us to meet the Sim family this December in New Zealand, where everyone in the Oh family reunites to attend Shen’s graduation, thereafter traveling altogether as we drive from island to island as one big family.

The Sims

Finally, I get to meet my sister-in-law again (last time we met was during our wedding in 2011), and E will get to meet her 3 uber-adorable and beautiful cousins for the first time! A God-loving family of 5, the Sim family is a great testimony for the Lord, regardless they were in NZ years ago, or in UK these recent years. Seeing and hearing them live out their faith in their lives, encourages and spurs me on to live a life that is worthy of my Lord, to be the perfect helpmeet for J, and a loving mother to E. They are my inspiration and I can’t thank God enough for working a miracle in their lives to make it possible for us all to gather together again… I’m already counting down to the day we will meet!

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One Response to Prayers Answered Beyond What We Asked For

  1. lai yoke says:

    Isabella and Daniella were your Flowers Girls at the wedding…how time flies!! To God be the Glory.

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