Blessed to Witness Their Joy (Pre-Wedding Photoshoot)

My beloved brother is getting married! Today was the day for their pre-wedding photoshoot! I was entrusted with the responsibility to drive them from their bridal studio to 2 outdoor venues – Hort Park and Changi Beach Park.

B and VA's pre-wedding shoot

It was such a blessing to be able to help in any way possible, and to witness the smiles and wholehearted laughter of these two lovebirds during their photoshoot.

B and VA

Of course, my lovely 24-hr sidekick, little E was there too!

E pointing at her uncle!

There she was pointing towards her 舅舅! Thank God she was all happy and comfortable in her new car seat for the journey from our home to the bridal studio, and thereafter to Hort Park! E also had the freedom to walk about in the vast greenland available in the quiet park.

E smelling flowers

Whenever we offered her flowers, she would smile sweetly and pretend to smell them… Hmmm… Who taught her that? She is a natural sweetie!

The blessings didn’t stop there! The photographer assigned to take photos for B and VA was the same pre-wedding photographer for my primary school BFF, W and her husband back then in 2009!

Group photo taken in 2009

How time flies! 5 years have passed, and today we met again! And he chided at me that I was the chauffeur once again. Well, I am more than glad to do this for my beloved best friend and again for my one and only brother!

Back view at Changi Beach

After Henry choreographed their poses, adjusted and positioned the train of the gown, I was also there snapping pictures of the couple alongside the designated multitasking photographer, using my iPhone.

E with bouquet

… until my sweet little one distracted me away with her adorable moves.

Walking E

Then we would leave the trio and went our way to explore together. We walked along walking paths, picked up fallen leaves, trampled on grass, touched sand, felt and smelt the sea breeze, etc.

E knocked out!

It is no surprise that our adorable E fell deep asleep in her car seat on the drive home!

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