The Pang Family

Jacob and PHN were in the same study group for their FRCS. I remembered the days when he told me about how intelligent “Prof Pang” was, and how glad he was to have him in the same study group. Needless to say, with PHN’s selfless sharing of notes and pointers, the entire group excelled during the exams and attained their FRCS without any difficulty.


That was a photo taken back then on 28 April 2012 when they got their certificates. It was a time of extreme relief and immense joy, for that was their final examination that they ever have to take as a doctor/surgeon.

I had the blessing to meet PHN when we were in Calgary, AB, Canada. While he was also doing his fellowship training in London, Ontario, Canada, he flew over to Calgary and spent time with us during Easter.

We drove to Banff National Park, explored several famous attractions including Johnston Canyon, Lake Louise and took a gondola up the Sulphur Mountain. Thereafter, we spent a night at The Fairmont Banff Springs “castle” before heading back to Calgary. I was 16 weeks pregnant (with Baby E) then!

Today we had the pleasure to meet up with Mrs PHN and their youngest son G. We had so much fun together we forgot to take pictures for memories! What a pity!!! There’s always a next time when we meet again for the next playdate!

I thank God for the opportunity to get to know M more and better through today’s meetup. Being a fellow SAHM, we hit it off right away. Like PHN, his Mrs. is also such a down-to-earth person, who is another rarity in this fallen world. We really adore this family of 4. For JREmembrance, I just have to search for the best representative photo I could find from their FB. We know them as a very happy, lovely, contented and blessed family. It was awesome for E to have known G too, who did very well to protect and care for her today at Cool de Sac!

The Pang Family

We are planning for the next playdate soon!

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