Bob n Mer

The last time we met, I was 12 and Mery was 13. Fast forward to 2014, it had been 20 years since we’ve last caught sight of each other! We are both mothers now, and enjoying every bit of what motherhood throws at us. Both SAHMs, we share so many similarities – surgeon spouse, baby girl, no domestic helpers, stay nearby, etc. Back in Singapore for a mere 1 week holiday, I am really thankful that Mery made time to meet up with E and I.

Group Photo with Mery

After attaining her ‘O’ Levels, Mery left for Australia, found her love, and got married in 2010. Staying in Perth now, she is going to move to Sydney early next year. Her 2 yo daughter Chloe is so adorable, sipping her babyccino, while Mery and I caught up with each other.

E and Chloe

Both our daughters sat in their high chairs throughout the kaffeeklatsch. Chloe was such a sweet girl, she borrowed E her lion stuffy plush she got from the Zoo earlier today, so that E could play with it and kiss it.

Chloe teaching E smthg

Here, E was listening intently on Chloe’s constant chattering about her babyccino.

C leading E

After the session at the cafe, we left for some shopping. And Chloe just took E’s little hand and led her naturally. The two of them were too cute to watch, especially in a mall full of people.

C and E holding hands

If only Mery stays in Singapore too, we would have so many playdates. We could get used to seeing our daughters hand in hand every other day…! ;p

Game machine

Although we were never as close when we were in primary school, and we each have our own bestie back then, motherhood has brought us together this time. It was such a joy to have met this affable friend of mine again.

Group photo 2 with Mery

We shall meet next year when she returns again! Already looking forward!

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