Prelude to NZ Reunion

Cousins Unite

Cousins unite – 2 Kiwis, 1 British, 1 Canadian!

We have been looking forward to this day when our children would finally meet and unite together! This is the very first time E gets to meet her cousins! As JMIDM had a 12-hr transit period in Singapore after their 13-hr flight from London, UK, before they continue their next leg of journey to Auckland, NZ, it was wonderful of them to exit the airport and came to our humble home for a meet-up!

I and D were our flower girls at our church wedding back in 2011.

I and D were our flower girls at our church wedding back in 2011.

It has been more than 3 years since we last met! Isabella and Daniella were our flower girls at our church wedding back then in 2011! They have both grown so much now!

And in this lapse of 3 years, 2 new littlies were added to the big family! Matthew will turn 2 yo tomorrow! while E will turn 15 mo in a week’s time. It is such a blessing to see the children altogether!

Family time

To have JMIDM be in our home, and together in our midst, is surreal! All of us have been praying earnestly for this NZ trip, where we will all gather to attend Shen’s graduation ceremony in Dunedin. And everyone including Dad, Mum, and Shen, there will be 7 adults and 4 children, all traveling together as one big family, driving from the south island to the north along the coasts.

I still couldn’t believe it! Mei Tsin was reading to the little ones just a while ago! and our tots certainly enjoyed the fun finger-puppet story time.

After we had an hour’s snooze, all of us went down to the pool to swim! It was so sweet to see Bella and Daniella holding E’s hands, one on each side, leading her along as we all walked towards the pool.

Pool time!

They all love the pool! We are all gonna have more pool time in NZ since the apartments we have booked for the trip have pool facilities! And it was such a blessing to see our swimming champion in the water. Isabella is really gifted, she achieved the Surrey County times for both last year (for 9 yo) and this year (for 11 yo)! County Championships are the first major championships a competitive swimmer will encounter. They are held over a series of weekends and are similar in format to the fastest Open Meets in that there are only lower qualification times as the minimum qualification times alter a little each year, usually getting faster. Thus, it is simply amazing for 10 yo Bella to achieve the 11 yo Surrey County times this year! We are really proud of her! and are really thankful that she is accumulating  so much experience from all the swimming competitions she has competed in and won.

D's backstroke

Bella must have been an inspiration to her siblings especially. That was Daniella swimming her backstroke, and Matthew being very active and happy in the water as Josh supported him. I love to see Bella swimming the butterfly stroke, she made it seem so easy and effortlessly beautiful. I’m her fan!!

M and E checking out the colouring book

After the swim, we took the littlies up first, gave them a good shower, then off they went to check out the colouring books that Matthew got from Singapore Airlines. Both of them look so adorable here!!

Kids in the room

Then the older girls came up, showered, and the 2 littlies went to join them in the room. That was E holding onto Bella’s pinkie! and Matthew looking so cute with his doe-eyed expression!

E with Wenlock

When the girls opened their suitcase, E quickly grabbed Wenlock (the official mascot for 2012 London Olympics) and hugged it.

Chocolate sharing

Then Daniella had a chocolate craving, and everyone went out to the balcony to share the Twirl chocolate.

D tying M's hair

After I braided Bella’s and Daniella’s hair, Daniella thought it would also be good for Matthew’s hair to be tied up as well. So that was her attempting to band up Matthew’s luscious hair. 😉

All of us had dinner at home before JMIDM packed up and left for the airport to continue on to Auckland, NZ. Mum and Dad will leave tomorrow, while we will leave on Thursday. Then everyone shall meet in Auckland, and fly to Dunedin on the same flight to meet Shen on Friday. I can’t wait! I’m so excited I could burst!!!

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