Great NZ Family Road Trip – The Reunion

Day 1: Auckland – Dunedin; Fair weather; 16ºC max, 9ºC min

We reached Auckland Airport in a mixed state of fatigue, fused with doses of excitement coupled with anticipation to reunite with JMIDM and Dad & Mum, who were already waiting for us in the Domestic Terminal. All of us would then take the same domestic flight from Auckland to Dunedin.

E crying on flight from AKL to Dunedin

All of us took off from Auckland Airport at 2.10 pm and reached Dunedin Airport at 4.00 pm. That was little E not being very happy from lack of sleep, and to be confined in an airplane for the next 2 hrs, after the earlier 10 hr flight from Singapore last night. Nonetheless, we managed to catnap before landing. Little E and I sat in between Mum (who sat by the window) and J (who took the aisle seat), and Dad was sitting behind J. JMIDM were a few rows down from where we were seated.

Catnap to Dunedin

After we reached Dunedin, J and Josh went to pick up the rented cars and loaded up all our luggage for our 10-day road trip. While waiting, the children had so much fun just playing with each other and enjoying each other’s company in the car park where our rented cars were parked. The place was filled with giggles and excited shrieks…

… As for the adults, hmmm… Some serious mind-boggling map reading going on there…

Adults reading map

Without a data plan, we had to spend on data roaming charges to call Shen and to get our GPS going. Then off we went on to Leith Street to meet up with Shen, who then brought us to Mercure Dunedin Leisure Lodge, where we rested for the night. It was very wise of Shen to choose this beautiful lodge for us all. Nestled in landscaped gardens, Mercure Dunedin Leisure Lodge is located adjacent to the Dunedin Botanic Gardens, and within walking distance to Otago University, where he will be graduating from tomorrow!

Oh siblings and little cousins gather

The reunion of the Oh siblings, and their nephew and nieces!

Mercure Dunedin Leisure Lodge

After checking in, Shen left for his graduation dinner, while we all went to New World to buy some groceries and essentials, before settling down for dinner, and a peaceful rest on clean and comfy bedding from all the traveling.

“Thou satisfy me more than the richest feast. I will praise Thee with songs of joy. When I remember Thee upon my bed, I meditate on Thee in the night watches. Because You are my helper, I sing for joy in the shadow of Thy wings.” (‭Psalms‬ ‭63‬:‭5-7‬)

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