Great NZ Family Road Trip – Wet Trip, Big Feast!

Day 6: Nelson, Rain, 18ºC max, 14ºC min.

We woke up disappointed to see the sky covered by grey clouds in its entirety. We have planned to spend the day exploring the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park, NZ’s only coastal national park.

Renowned for its idyllic golden sandy beaches with clear turquoise water, fascinating sculptured granite cliffs, rich and unmodified estuaries, and the world-famous Abel Tasman Coast Track, we have been excited by what we would see since we arrived yesterday. As J aptly put it, it is the “prize” for this visit to Nelson!

Nelson to Abel Tasman

We drove about 40 km to Motueka and stopped by its iSite to gather information about the activities we could do in Abel Tasman. By the time we left the place to carry on our journey towards Abel Tasman, it was still raining and the weather didn’t seem to be clearing up anytime soon.

Bella at Abel Tasman sign

That didn’t stop us from advancing! We reached Abel Tasman National Park and started our hike along the 54.4 km Abel Tasman Coast Track.

Dad and Mum with IDM at Abel Tasman signpost

Everyone walked on, along muddy terrain, in the rain… Yet, spirits were high despite the lousy weather…

Abel Tasman Coastal Track

Due to the rain, we only brisk walked to Porter’s Beach where we thought we might be able to pick up some mussels for dinner. However, due to the high tide, we found none but pipi (Paphies australis) instead.

Porter's Beach

The rain became heavier, and in view of the 2 little ones with us, we decided to turn back to take refuge under a shelter.

Along the bridge

This was also when we went separate ways from JMIDM. We went back to our cottage, while JMIDM went ahead to the salmon farms at Anatoki, which is a further 45 min away from where we were.

All ready to catch some salmon in the net, JMIDM set off for some serious and fun fishing. Within 30 min, Josh caught 1 salmon, and Bella caught the other 1 min later! The 2 salmon weighed a total of 4+ kg altogether!

It must have been exciting catching their own fish, and to have the freshly caught salmon prepared to perfection for them to savour the fresh “melt-in-your-mouth” hot smoked salmon.

Fresh hot smoked salmon

We were surprised when Bella and Daniella knocked on our cottage door to deliver their fresh hot smoked salmon in a pizza box right at our doorstep!

Salmon delivery

Despite the dampening weather, we had a feast for dinner tonight! Besides the delicious and moist flaky salmon, Mum had made her signature curry chicken, and J had also pan-seared lamb loins and blanched asparagus for dinner! We were full up with good food tonight!

Salmon for dinner

After feasting on such scrumptious food, the boys (Dad, Josh and J) played a game of monopoly against the girls (Mum, Bella and Daniella).

Monopoly game

As they strategised in dominating monopoly, Mei Tsin and I enjoyed our sisters chat on the couch in the lounge till they finished the game in a draw.

Sisters chat

As for Matthew and Little E, they were very happy sharing the bottle with each other…

Sharing the bottle

Then we bid farewell to JMIDM who returned to their 408 cottage for their night’s rest. We shall see each other for breakfast back here again in our 404 cottage tomorrow morning! Life is so blissful!

“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him. O fear the Lord, ye His saints: for there is no want to them that fear Him. The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing. Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” (Psalm 34:8-11 KJV)

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