Food Tasting, Family Gathering

Food Tasting poster

Today was food tasting day for my brother and VA’s wedding banquet menu! It is an occasion for us and our extended family to come together for a full 8-course dinner.

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, B & VA brought us to the rooftop where their solemnisation will be taking place this May. The venue is perfect for them. Away from the harried pace of the city, the chic Changi Village Hotel exudes an enchanting charm over the rustic Changi Village area. Set on a lush platform deck by an infinity pool, we were welcomed by the cooling breeze that took our minds away from the busy hustle of city life.

Family Gathering for food tasting

We were led to an elaborate crystal room that has glass panel doors that encased the table where we would be having our meal.

Food tasting

Photo credit: VA

It has been a long while since we all came together for a good long meal. For Little E and Chloe (Edmund and Jinny’s daughter), they were happily running around the large free space in the lobby, getting to know each other as they played together.

We caught up with each other over dinner, fed our little ones, played with them, kept them busy, ate till our tummies were satisfied, gave our compliments and comments for the food we tasted, etc.

Me and E at Food Tasting

Photo credit: VA

Above all, I am overjoyed for B & VA! A fun and lovely couple, they are really a perfect match. Words can’t describe how happy I feel for my beloved brother. My one and only brother, strong, kind, intelligent, magnanimous are merely some of his good traits. Of course he has his negative points (who doesn’t?), but those are nothing compared to the many positive points he possesses.

I thank God for leading them together. VA is such a precious rare gem! A beautiful petite lady with a big heart, she is not only sweet-natured, her generous and down-to-earth demeanour can win anyone over. My brother is very blessed. And through him, my parents are blessed with a daughter-in-law, while I am blessed with a sister! VA is like a treasure to me!

VA and B

I pray that God will look after them and bless them richly in His abundance of joy, love and peace for all the living days of their lives. May their marriage be a blissful and sweet-loving one that lasts forever.

I am already counting down to their wedding happening this May!

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One Response to Food Tasting, Family Gathering

  1. VA says:

    I’m equally blessed to have you in my life!

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