New Milestone – Drinking from Straw Bottle

Drinking from straw

Bernard and VA gave Little E a straw bottle for her Christmas present! It was such a thoughtful gift from them. They bought it because they saw how much Little E love drinking from VA’s large pink straw cup.

Elated from straw drinking

They have observed how Little E has progressed in her sucking ability using VA’s near 1-litre straw cup, and saw how Little E has managed to successfully drink from its long straw at times.

Carrying her bottle like a bag

When presented with the straw bottle filled with water, Little E chewed at the straw initially. However, it took her less than a minute to figure out how to drink from the straw. We were so happy that she drank so much water from it today! so much so that her urine output exceeded her usual norms and she ended up with a leaking diaper by dinner time!

We are very thankful for such lovely siblings. If they had not given Little E the straw bottle, we would not have known she could effectively drink from a straw. She probably could have done it one month ago when we saw how she could occasionally drink from VA’s long straw cup.

Little E was 15.5 months old today.

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One Response to New Milestone – Drinking from Straw Bottle

  1. VA says:

    So proud of her! Looking at her pictures make me miss her so much!

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