Christmas – Putting Jesus in the Centre of it All

We woke early today, excited to find our Christmas presents under our Christmas tree! Little E beat us to it, she was the first to reach for her Christmas stocking that was filled with goodies for her.

My present was totally unexpected! Along with the side table he bought from Ikea on my birthday, because he wanted to create a nice and cosy blogging corner for me, J actually got me a Macbook Pro! Awwww!!! He was more excited than me when he was teaching me its various programs!

The Christmas season can be an overwhelming time of busyness, with dinner parties and special events to attend, all marked in the calendar way before December even began (Hey! It rhymes!)… not to mention all the Christmas shopping and baking, etc. The chaos before and during the Christmas season can take much of the fun factor out of the equation, sneaking up on us and stealing away our joy for the season, without us knowing. Even if all the events and activities are meant to be good, enjoyable or worthy of celebrating, what we really really want is to experience the season, and enjoy every moment of this very special occasion – The birth of Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world.

Christmas presents

Some of the Christmas presents I wrapped and decorated, placed under our mini Christmas tree. A few presents seen here were Christmas gifts given to us by a friend, a patient, and my brother and VA.

By late morning, reality along with anxiety set in. Presents were still unwrapped, cupcakes were not baked yet, and various bags of goodies were still strewn all over the house as though a hurricane just swept over our living room.

Craft work has somehow gotten tedious instead of fun. Housework was left unfinished due to the many things that have not been completed and ready for tonight’s dinner parties. By the end of the day, the truth sinks in deep within me – that none of these things, as important as they may seem, can ever be more important than sitting at the feet of my Savior, adoring His beauty and welcoming Him into my heart. I want to be Mary, not Martha!

"Reindeer Cupcakes" that I baked and made to resemble reindeers for the season. Made them for family and friends at dinner parties, security guards, and neighbours.

“Reindeer Cupcakes” that I baked and made to resemble reindeers for the season. Made them for family and friends at dinner parties, security guards, and neighbours.

In the midst of all my baking and wrapping of Christmas presents, along with the craft work adorned on each of the gifts, not to mention housework and laundry, and of course the caring for my little one, I couldn’t help but feel the “Martha Syndrome” washing over me. Instead of feeling empowered from all the multitasking, I felt stripped of my ability to prioritise and focus on the One who is the Reason of the season. My heart’s desire is to rest and sit at His feet, bask in His Holy presence and stay close to my Lord and Saviour, close to the love, joy and peace of “God with us”.

Family Dinner on Christmas

First dinner of the night – Steamboat reunion dinner with my family and VA. Much like the traditional reunion dinner we have on CNY eve. We did this especially for VA because this is the first Christmas we celebrate together as a family!

This Christmas, looking back at all the busyness that came and went, apart from feeling a little overwhelmed from all the activities, my heart yearns and longs for the peace and hope the Messiah came to bring us.

Christmas Dinner Party at the Ngs

Second dinner for the night – Christmas dinner party at the Ngs, with a total of 9 adults and 8 kiddos!

This Christmas, my hands were kept busy, my body and mind on overdrive, but my heart? My heart will stay close to the manger, in the quiet of the silent night, overflowing with thanksgiving to the One who came for us, so that we may live a more abundant life, and live life to the full, as He would grant us according to His sovereign will.

Jesus is Light, Joy, Hope

We pray this Christmas enriches your life
May all your days be happy and bright
Overflowing with the peace and love
That only Christ can bring to you with delight!

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in confident hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.” (Romans 15:13) 

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  1. Carol says:

    I like the Reindeer Cupcakes and they are too pretty to be eaten !!

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