The Reunion of JRE with JMIDM!

We have been eagerly looking forward to welcoming JMIDM back in our home again, ever since they came for a visit and left on 30 November 2014 (read post here:! Then we reunited in New Zealand and spent 10 fun-loving days together as one big family, together with Dad & Mum, as well as Shen too!

We came back to Singapore on 15 December 2014, while JMIDM stayed in Auckland in their own home for another 2 weeks or so. Before they return to London where they currently reside, they will be coming to Singapore first, to stay with us for the next 3 nights! God is awesome!!! More fun times and loving moments to come for the next 4 days + 3 nights! Yay!

Before they boarded Singapore Airlines from Auckland to Singapore, Shen had already warned us through whatsapp regarding the massive number of luggage JMIDM have with them.

Traveling light with the Sims?

They have been very blessed to have received so many gifts over the Christmas season as well as from their friends and family while they were in Auckland. Having been away from their hometown for over 4 years, this trip back to Auckland saw them being showered with so much love and blessings.

Luggage arrived at our lobby

Because of the many luggage plus a stroller, a toddler car seat and a booster seat, JMIDM had to take 2 separate cabs from the airport to our apartment. That was Josh shuttling to and fro to move their barang barang towards our elevator.

Surprise Welcome!

When they finally arrived at our doorstep, they were surprised by Little E the reindeer who was more than elated to see them again; as well as our tray of reindeer cupcakes that were waiting to be devoured by hungry travellers!

Reunion of JRE and JMIDM

We helped to move all the luggage and stored them away. Then we gathered in the living room, where hugs and kisses were exchanged. We can’t believe it! Once again, we were reunited with JMIDM!

The time was already near 10 pm when they arrived, JMIDM must have been so tired from all the traveling. So they showered and prepared to turn in for the night.

We have not decided what to do come morning… or where to go… perhaps Universal Studios or the Zoo! Can’t wait for tomorrow to come! Good night!

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