Zoo Visit with JMIDM

J went to work early this morning, when he came back at around 10 am and asked us what was the plan for today, I told him, “We are going to the ZOO!” To that, he exclaimed, “Alright man! That was just where I was thinking too!” Telepathy!

Zoo Mascots

When the men were queueing for entrance tickets, Mei Tsin and I took the kids to have a group shot with the Zoo mascots!

We also blew bubbles and had fun trying to catch them! Well, it was a long queue for the men, you know? It was Saturday!

Babies in wagon

It was such a great idea to put the babies in a wagon even though we brought their prams along! Both Matthew and Little E looked so adorable in the wagon together!

Pulling the wagon

The novelty of us taking turns to pull the wagon kept them happy enough to sit in it throughout the whole time we were in the zoo!

Pigmy Hippos

Well, occasionally they got too excited to sit still, especially when they saw the pygmy hippopotamuses tiptoeing past them on the riverbed like ballerinas en pointe! No wonder they are touted as “underwater ballerinas”!

The Zoo was really crowded during the weekends. However, it was all worth it to be here with JMIDM, particularly because this was their first time visiting the Singapore Zoo! In spite of the crowd, we did capture nice pictures of the many unique animals that call the Singapore Zoo their home!

Our babies were so comfortable in their shared wagon, looking charming and pretty in it…

… even sharing their drinks with each other… sipping from each other’s bottle… Awww…

At the giraffes

By the time we reached the giraffes, we were already a little exhausted from all the excitement and walking.

IDM playing games in the zoo

We rested while Bella and Daniella had a go at the game station. Note that Matthew was holding Little E’s bottle in the above picture! Hee! Cute!!

Matthew in outback truck

In the Australian Outback, Josh took such a great picture of Matthew behind the wheel of the Safari truck!

Daniella on the tortoise

And a pretty picture of Daniella sitting on an Aldabra Giant Tortoise in the Reptile Garden. These gentle giant tortoises have among the longest lifespan of any animal. The oldest recorded age is 152 years!

Munching in the wagon

Of course we kept our babies satisfied with ample supplies of finger foods, snacks and fluids! Thanks to Mei Tsin who is always so well-equipped with food supplies for the kiddos!

Matthew pulling the wagon

Then Matthew decided to have his go at pulling the wagon! And boy! he was good at it!

Matthew pulling his sisters

… until his two sisters sat in the wagon, rendering it too heavy to even move an inch!

At the rhinos

Nearing the exit, the two dads carried the toddlers… till we finally see…

Polar Bear

… the polar bear! chilling out at the Frozen Tundra, newly renovated and built to resemble the arctic habitat. The size of 2.5 basketball courts put together, polar bear Inuka’s new home is cool, has an ice cave with a waterfall, and a large pool filled with giant ice blocks!

JRE in the zoo

That was our visit to the Singapore Zoo! We had such an enjoyable time together with JMIDM, it was a pity we didn’t get to experience the Rainforest Kidzworld this time, because the toddlers were so worn out after more than 3 hrs of fun times we spent this morning. Both of them knocked out by the time we exited the Zoo!

Well, hopefully next time when JMIDM comes to Singapore again!!

At T3 seeing VA off

We all went home, swam and napped, till we went to the airport to see VA off. Today was also the day she went back home to San Francisco. But this will not be the last we see of her, the next time she comes, it will be her big day! when she weds my brother!

Wee Nam Kee

We rushed home after seeing VA off and walked to Wee Nam Kee with JMIDM. For dinner, we ordered half a chicken, curry fish head, duo miao and bean sprouts! Yum-meh!

After dinner, the kids got to play with kiddy rides just outside Wee Nam Kee. Then we walked back to Novena Square through the underpass because it was raining cats and dogs by the time we finished dinner.

At Cold Storage

We went to Cold Storage to stock up on some groceries.

Dutch Ladies

And I shall end with a picture of our kiddos, all drinking Dutch Lady strawberry-flavoured milk! These children are so precious.

God bless each one of them!

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