Farewell JMIDM

Today was the last day JMIDM was with us. Little E and I had the privilege to spend the morning with this cheery bunch of lovelings. Josh and Mei Tsin had requested to do my repertoire of “killer squats”, together with their kiddos, knowing that Isabella would love them.

We had so much fun with our morning workout, even our toddlers Matthew and Little E were so amused by our moves they couldn’t help laughing along as we jumped up and down, left to right and right to left.

Then Josh surprised Bella and Daniella by telling them we would go for one last swim before leaving. We all quickly changed and went downstairs for our last swim together! Despite the grey and heavy cumulonimbus clouds looming above our heads, we swam on and enjoyed ourselves in the pool, laughing out loud and swimming like fishes in the sea. It did pour on us after a while, but we swam on… till the rain stopped and drizzled again, and then finally stopped, all within a span of about 30 min… By the time we went up to shower, the heavy downpour began and we thanked God for holding back the “cats and dogs” for us while we were still in the pool.

JMIDM packing

JMIDM got busy with their last minute packing so that they could leave the house on time at around 10:30 am. I couldnt help but notice in the picture above that Matthew was drinking from Little E’s bottle… Hee Hee! So cute! Awww… how I missed them all now…

We all went down and called for 2 cabs to send them to the airport. It was a tearful farewell at our lobby where we hugged and kissed and waved goodbye.

Although it hurts to see them off, we fought back the tears, knowing that we would meet again in London come October 2015. Counting down to our reunion already!

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