Last Day of 2014

2014 came and is almost gone in the blink of an eye! The fast-paced life in Singapore made the year seemed like it zoomed past, waiting for no one. All that has happened and transpired in 2014, be them good times or sometimes challenging ones, have been blessings for us, reminding and refining us respectively, of God’s goodness that our faiths be strengthened.

To seize the day, I woke early and brought Little E for an early morning walk round the block. That was her munching on some very delicious crumbly cookies at Baskin Robbins. this morning.



Ever since Air Asia flight QZ8501 went missing, my brother was called to be on standby and he left us to serve out at sea. We did not hear from him for days and could only reach the contact centre which conveyed us the message that B would not be back so soon. Any urgent messages would be conveyed to him.

The lift?

The lift?

This morning as I was telling Little E about her 舅舅 being out at sea, and that we were worried about him, Little E took off to take her diaper bag, slung it across her shoulders (just like how we would do it), and asked if we should “Go?” (just like how her 2 yo cousin Matthew would say it)… Awwww… This would so melt B’s heart.

Gardens by the Bay

By evening, we went to Gardens by the Bay for a leisurely walk in the first of its kind Christmas Wonderland in Southeast Asia, at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. We parked our car there and walked through the gardens towards Marina Bay Sands, admiring magnificent displays of light sculptures from Europe and a charming festive Christmas market.


Even Little E enjoyed her walk with us, in the cool and breezy evening. How blissful!!

After a long walk around the gardens, we went straight to Din Tai Fung for dinner. As expected, a long queue before us crowded the entrance of the famous restaurant. We obtained a queue number and its paper menu, ready to order our usual dishes. Little E had her paper menu as well, she looked like she really knew what delicious food she had in mind already!


We had about 40 numbers before us, and estimated that we would probably have to wait for at least an hour. So we wandered off to shop around with Little E. Our stomachs were growling after half an hour, we returned to Din Tai Fung, and there were still about more than 20 numbers before ours!

Macarons at TWG

The perfect snack in mind at that time was a sweet-tasting macaron from TWG next door! Little E liked it so much she finished mine before I could take another bite from it!

Mommy and Little E

That was our little one munching on my earl grey and chocolate macaron… before it disappeared into her tiny mouth minutes later…

By the time we had our dinner, we felt so satisfied! Little E should have been tired by then, but this little one always surprise us. She was all energetic and excited about walking with us, through the Bayfront underpass as we made our way back towards the gardens. The kaleidoscope of colourful wall murals with panels of mirrors in between kept her interested in walking all the way through the underground link way!


I love the above picture of J playing with Little E, as she looked so happy in it. Reminds me of her heartwarming chuckles. In the coming new year of 2015, we hope that your lives will be filled with moments like these!

God bless!

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