Asher’s Visit

Cheryl brought Asher to play with Little E today! It has been months since they last came by. We had initially planned to swim this evening, however, the rain didn’t stop, even if it did, it would have been too cold for our little ones to even wade in the pool.

Thus, we stayed at home to play instead! According to Cheryl, Little E was the most hospitable toddler she has ever met, eagerly going around giving Asher her toys and showing him how to play with them! Her hospitality and sweetness dwindled when Asher followed her to her mini couch (aka car seat) and sat by her feet. Her expression in the picture below explains it all…

Is this legal?!!

Is this legal?!!

To that, we must have said, “Yes! This car seat can sit two!” which explains her reaction below..



Hahahaha… Anyway, both of them managed to get off the seat and moved on to play elsewhere. Little E, the ransacker dug out a pair of booties from Cheryl’s diaper bag. Both of them wanted to wear them so much so we had to put one on each of their foot, so that they won’t fight over who gets to wear the booties!

1 sock on each foot

Having Cheryl as a friend and sister-in-Christ is such a blessing. She has taught me gentleness and compassion through her way of life. May the Lord continue to provide me with opportunities to learn from such friends whom You have sent my way, so that I could continue to see Your love reflected in them, that acts as a constant reminder to me of how I ought to be transformed to be more like You.

One added bonus of our friendship is that our toddlers are so close in age (3 months apart). We pray that they will grow up knowing Christ Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. And that they will flee from the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, as they enjoy the company of children who call on the Lord and have pure hearts (2 Timothy 2:22).


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