Blessed 16 mo Birthday! New Milestone – Travellator

Today is Little E’s 16 mo birthday! My little sweetheart, if you are reading this, “We wish you a very blessed 16 month old birthday!” Although nothing really special happened today, I treasure every moment spent with you! So here was what we did today!

As I sang the “Happy Birthday” song to you, you got yourself into our vegetable colander and held on to the mini saucepan as if it was a microphone… I really don’t know where or how you get such funny but creative ideas…

After your afternoon nap, we went to the library! And that was you trying your best to scan your books at the e-kiosk (which is not a borrowing station)! Never mind, there will come a day when you will scan your own books at the correct station. Right now, I’ll just let you imagine you were doing the right thing… ;p

Scanning books in the library

On our way back home, we spent some time eating at Raffles City Shopping Centre. And that was you looking at the balloon man wondering if you could get more balloons from him… In the end, we gave that balloon away anyway because you lost interest in it after 10 min?!

Little E with Putien balloon

You have mastered walking independently on a travellator with no problems getting on or off it without me having to hold your hands. Just so you know, I am always a step away from you lest you stumble… to be there to catch you in time lest you tumble… This is a new milestone for you by the way!


Last but not least, we swam till Daddy came home… You were reluctant to leave the pool. I supposed you are also a water baby just like your cousins.

Swimming on the day you turned 16 mo

And here’s our birthday prayer for you my dear beautiful daughter, that you may know God’s love with the unfolding of each day that He has granted you. May you be given wisdom from above to know God’s purpose and His plan as you walk with God throughout your life. And may the One and only true living God pour out His grace upon you, and make you the apple of His eye. We thank the Lord for your life, the blessing that you are, a precious gift God sent with love to delight and warm the hearts of all who love you. Be blessed my dear child, for the Lord Jesus loves you first and foremost, and will continue to love you forever.

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