Playdate with Calista!

This was the first time we organised a playdate for 20 mo Calista and 16 mo Little E! Vernice even brought homemade soup and home-baked cakes for J and I to try! They were very yummy! Even our little ones couldn’t stop eating them!

Bernice and I used to talk about how great it would be if we could have children together around the same time, and how we would meet up for playdates, etc. It was a dream come true for Calista and Little E to be a mere 4 months apart! And both of them are girls!! Praise the Lord!

Our girls played well together this time. Little E was generous and eager to share her toys with Calista, and Calista was happily exploring Little E’s toys too! They even watched BabyTV™ together! By evening, we went down to the swimming pool! It was Calista’s first time swimming, so it was understandable she was uncomfortable in the water. But I must say, she was a brave girl, to at least attempt swimming and playing with the pool water! Bravo Calista!

Calista swimming

This playdate was also a great opportunity for Vernice and I to catch up with each other. We chatted incessantly for 4 hrs and most importantly, shared with each other the joys and woes of motherhood.

We are already looking forward to our next playdate!!! ❤

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