Growing Up Too Fast…

Today feels like a perfect day to count my blessings. Truth be told, I should be counting my blessings every single day. But today, I felt special as I looked into Little E’s eyes, seeing them sparkle with delight when her 婆婆 offered her a Weetameal biscuit.

Today, I felt special upon hearing Little E called me “Ma Ma”, even though her mouth was filled with biscuit crumbs…

Thinking back to those first few days when I held her in my arms when she was still a newborn, I remembered how her tiny little face felt so unfamiliar. Now, I can’t imagine living a day without seeing her wake up beside me, throwing me the sweetest smile she could manage in the morning, followed by our “wake-up song and dance” in bed…

One day, this little girl will grow up and have her own best friend. One day, she will eventually grow up and prefer to sleep in her own bedroom. One day, she will grow up and spend most of her time in school or with her friends. One day, she will grow up and perhaps forget how much she needed and depended on me…

But today, let me count my blessings… All of the grown-up-ness that may draw her away from me can wait for another day…

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